Aug 24, 2008

And how they got here...

I've been wanting to do this post for a long time. What lead people here. And from where they came. Never had i thought before that crap would lead to this blog. And never did I even think that someone way over in Panama would visit this page. Hopefully he got what he needed. So here we go, keyword analysis.

Keyword analysis

Num Perc.Search Term
1011.63%an idle mind blog (Obvious result)
33.49%lifeslikezat (Again, obvious)
33.49%virtual hug garfield (>:D<)
33.49%meaning of crap(Proud to have been of help :D)
22.33%a r rahman plagiarism
22.33%define crap(Prouder, still)
22.33%an idle mind blog
22.33%adzap dialogues
22.33%travelogue badrinath
22.33%king leonidas final words
22.33%vasanth ambigrams
11.16%i am fat and i am proud of it
11.16%house md soundtracks blogspot
11.16%an idle mind blog
11.16%idle mind sharanyan (My secret stalker)
11.16%loenidas of sparta
11.16%where was bombay theme copied from?
11.16%an idle mind sharanyan
11.16%sharanyan idle mind
11.16%olivia wilde
11.16%download home sweet home chester bennington blogspot
11.16%kambli poochi in english(I'd like to meet this fellow)
11.16%today's fortune: the star of riches is shining upon you
11.16%i'm fat and proud(Good for you!!)
11.16%still falling breathless and on again i could feel eyes turning into dust and tears strangers turning into dust (I bet it's a she)
11.16%an idle mind
11.16%calcutta travelogue
11.16%definition of crap
11.16%mom and dad ambigrams
11.16%college antics
11.16%ar rahman plagiarism
11.16%spill outs dictionary
11.16%never leave a man with an idle mind(:O)
11.16%venki geek almighty
11.16%kurukshetra coach with krishna wall picture
11.16%music director deva copycat(:)) )
11.16%roger federer's favorite dessert
11.16%define crappy
11.16%plagiarism a.r rahman
11.16%look into my eyes - brian adams
11.16%plagiarism a r rahman
11.16%pippa bhaghat(WTF?)
11.16%arr rahman plagiarism
11.16%where sukhiya pokhari is located in india
11.16%meaning of crap in hindi
11.16%kolangal tholkappian (People who search for stuff like this should be killed.)
11.16%bakthang waterfalls
11.16%kambli poochi
11.16%define: crap
11.16%sharanyan blog
11.16%lazy and proud of it
11.16%marla's philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. the tragedy, she said, was that she didn't. (Lol, no connection with my blog anyway)
11.16%♫ life is not meant to be the way you want it. you are supposed to like it the way it is. no regrets. no more tears. cheers! ( Mindblowing :O)
11.16%at its heights
11.16%pictures of jorpokhri
11.16%your luck has been completely changed today
11.16%meaning of idle mind
11.16%sharanyan ruby (:)) )
11.16%dost bada dost saroja lyrics
11.16%drama malargal episode 410(Nooooooooooooo)
11.16%watch persian movie sohrab rustom

Country Analysis :

It does put a smile on my face. Even though most of 'em never came back.

drill down16240.50%IndiaIndia
drill down8621.50%United StatesUnited States
drill down399.75%United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
drill down143.50%United KingdomUnited Kingdom
drill down133.25%Unknown-
drill down92.25%GermanyGermany
drill down71.75%AustraliaAustralia
drill down51.25%SpainSpain
drill down51.25%FinlandFinland
drill down51.25%New ZealandNew Zealand
drill down30.75%TaiwanTaiwan
drill down30.75%MalaysiaMalaysia
drill down30.75%IndonesiaIndonesia
drill down30.75%ThailandThailand
drill down30.75%FranceFrance
drill down30.75%PhilippinesPhilippines
drill down20.50%SingaporeSingapore
drill down20.50%BelgiumBelgium
drill down20.50%SwitzerlandSwitzerland
drill down20.50%Czech RepublicCzech Republic
drill down20.50%CanadaCanada
drill down20.50%TurkeyTurkey
drill down20.50%ChinaChina
drill down20.50%ArgentinaArgentina
drill down20.50%SlovakiaSlovakia
drill down20.50%JamaicaJamaica
drill down10.25%AlgeriaAlgeria
drill down10.25%Russian FederationRussian Federation
drill down10.25%BrazilBrazil
drill down10.25%Iran, Islamic Republic OfIran, Islamic Republic Of
drill down10.25%MauritiusMauritius
drill down10.25%PolandPoland
drill down10.25%QatarQatar
drill down10.25%PortugalPortugal
drill down10.25%UgandaUganda
drill down10.25%LithuaniaLithuania
drill down10.25%Sri LankaSri Lanka
drill down10.25%AngolaAngola
drill down10.25%SwedenSweden
drill down10.25%MexicoMexico
drill down10.25%PeruPeru
drill down10.25%VenezuelaVenezuela
drill down10.25%PanamaPanama

Oh sweet lord, Even Angola!!