Aug 8, 2010

Yellow truck.

The street on which I live has been dug up to lay some pipes for the drainage system, which one would have thought they'd have done properly before laying the road. The entire stretch is dug up and a few water pipes also stand broken, pouring water into the holes that have been dug; an altogether mucky sight. The pipes have been fixed now but the road is still dug up.

This once, I was walking back home late evening. It was dusty, thanks to the wind which decided to play around with the sand that'd been dumped on the roadside to cover up the holes later. At a distance I see this little kid with a yellow construction track in his hand, standing near one such dug-up-mud-mound, looking at the bigger yellow excavator working a few hundred metres away, the dust swirling around him. I wished I had a camera.