Jan 24, 2010


Now and then I make everything I do, a struggle for survival. Like if I don't climb my stairs in ten steps everything will fall down on me. I think the word you're looking for is 'floopy'.

So this time I'm starting from college and suddenly the movie "speed" pops into my head. Heh, and so this time if I cross 50 Kph, I shouldn't travel slower than that, or my bike will explode.

I blew up at Lakshmi mills, 2 Kms from College. Not bad, I must say, in a stretch with two traffic signals (which were thankfully green) and insane traffic.

Jan 21, 2010


She steadily came closer, entwined in the rope she used to lower herself, as he watched, in awe, pinned to the wall by the blades she'd directed his way. She could put him to sleep in a flash and he wouldn't realise it till it was too late. She looked him in the eye, like a predator looking at game, that deadly yet seductive look which comes with being in charge. That turned him on as much as her perfect curves did. She was the stuff that dreams were made of. And she'd bring unto him in one swift motion, a painless death. His death would be perfect; even he himself couldn't have written it better, he thought to himself, ironically.

She was gone, before his head hit the ground, a smile spread across it.

Jan 4, 2010


First 3 months late, and now 3 years late.

Will it matter?