Feb 7, 2013

I woke up at 8 AM having slept at 5:30 AM, after watching a season of 'The Wire' when I told myself I'd just watch one episode. I had to go in to work early and I had the worst morning ever. I went to the recreation building to sign up for membership. My whole day got flipped on its head. There, at the registration desk, was the prettiest girl I'd seen in a while. I just broke into a grin and she matched it. I instantly felt like nothing else could ruin my day. I hope to see more of her over the next few months. I then got off at a busstop away from office because I felt like walking in the mild cold morning. I was still smiling as I walked, and there were way too many pretty people on the road smiling back at me than there usually are. Not that I mind, heh.

And now I'm listening to this on loop.