Feb 24, 2012

'Brilliant weather today, I don't want to stay indoors!'

I have a strong feeling that the amount of conversation revolving around weather is a direct measure of the nation's/people's progress.

Yesterday there was a storm . I got to know because my boss at work took off early, wanting to bike back home before the front hit us. So we all left early. All around me there were people talking about the storm. They spoke about tv reports, website analysis, how the snow band was thick and how it was going to snow in 6 inches here and another 8 there. This was not an isolated occurrence. Over the past year and a half, I've noticed that people often talk about the weather when they run out of other interesting things to say. Either that, or bless them, they find weather an interesting topic.

India has always been a developing country. Of late, I've seen many people from back home talk about the weather incessantly on Facebook. There isn't much a lot of people don't share anyway. As trivial and discouraging as that sounds, maybe, just maybe, it is a sign of 'progress' or whatever it is we call progress.