Jan 25, 2007


No introduction here. It just spoils the piece below.

* A crow shat on the centre of my head today. The remark I got from a friend after I told him this " Poor things. They don't have a toilet. The world is their toilet."
My reaction "Yay cows don't fly!"

*The watchman at my college gate doesn't let anyone in without an ID. I had forgotten my ID one day. My mind struck gold in the quest for ideas. But of course there is always an element of risk tagging along with the "other" way round. I decided to have a shot by showing them my licence. My hand subtlely hid the government of Tamil nadu logo and I flashed it in a manner which would have done an FBI agent proud. I gave him a reason too!! "Anna tag kondu varla na!!!". He showed it to another watchman and they let me in. What bozos!

*I got a taste of the torture machine at the gym. It was sour. Then I saw a guy doing 100 kilos on that. I was shocked. But then the guy who instructs us went to him and then realization hit me. The guy had put the weights in the resting place for weights rather than on the machine.!!! What a maroon!!

*I got reacquainted with lollipops thanks to Niveditha. Slurp!

* I came on paper twice, one for a good reason and one for a notorious reason! The notorious reason is as follows. I got captured by a dina malar photographer for the city view tab of their paper because I towed behind my friend on a two wheeler while riding a cycle myself. The caption was "Vilaiyaattu vibareetham aagivittal..." (What if fun ends up being fatal....")

*I scared a lady out of her wits on the train at 4 AM in the morning when I stared through her window at the signboard outside. She probably thought I was a poochandi!

*I became a babysitter for a brief span. The client --> a girl my age!! That's the funny part. My co-blogger Nithya , who due to her apparent lack of responsiblity, had to have a babysitter till the train left because her mom was on a different coach. The sad part is, I wasn't paid one sou. And I had to give her a lollipop!

Well that's about it. More when I remember. Next post dedicated to chillout 2007! Or I hope so!


Jan 24, 2007

Plagiarism at its heights

Well plagiarism goes unnoticed if:

i) If it is completely untraceable to any source. i. e. the perfect crime
ii) If the client( receiver) is ignorant of the source...
iii) Or if the people are so thick headed not to realise the concealed plagiarism.

What brought this up?

Tuesday evening on the S11. Hanging on to the overhead rod for dear life, I trained my ears for the music sifting in through the speakers over the noisy tires on the muddy road. Then suddenly I was surprised on hearing ricky martin's song from almas del silencio running on a rusty bus in coimbatore. But then my mind was stumped on hearing tamil, that too chennai tamil words, in a spanish song. Then it hit me. Hit me with the force of me slamming into the wall. They had stolen the music alone. The thieving bastards had stolen the work of someone else and had gotten credit for the same. The original lyrics were

Asi es que te quiero yo
A ver quien te quiere mas

Then the one I heard was ( thooya madras tamil)

Nee chikkunu ikkeeraye Enakku bakkunu ikkeedhumaaaaaaaaa...".

I almost died with shock.


Watching the movie mugavari for the first time I was quite bored. Nowadays that is The only thing I get from tamil movies :P. So I went away from the Tv a bit. Suddenly I heard a BSB song coming on TV. I was an ardent BSB fan at that time. Now I'm selective about them but I still don't like them at the receiving end of criticism. Anyway back to our story. Yeah I ran to the TV and there was Ajith and Jothika dancing on a beach in who-knows-where in a video which should have had the five guys singing "we've got it going on!". Cheers to Deva the masterchief of plagiarism.

Flashback .....( We are still in the previous flashback ...This is a flashback in flashback :P)

The movie Kushi hits the screens. Music director Deva was acclaimed all over Tamil Nadu for having created a piece of great music. The song "Dum dum dum di...." hit the top of a few charts.
Not to my entire surprise ( well that is how I see it now) or rather , then I was completely surprised to see that the background score was from MJs Driving me wild..... That is when the realisation started. Next in the list is "yammadi" copying the tune of usher's yeah!. Lots of other copycats are still around. Either I haven't noticed them or I haven't heard their works. Mysteries waiting to be unravelled. Music directors waiting to be thrashed!!!

But then there is also a catch here! To the people who have seen the Inside man, I just hope you realise what I'm talking about here!. FOr all those who haven't here goes!

The starting music of the movie, or rather the main score is chaiya chaiya by A.R.Rahman. Kudos to rahman for doing our nation proud.

Well, I guess, such cheap comedians are not all Indian! Ciao!

Jan 17, 2007

Just another drop in the sea

What started out as a half-hearted substitute to diary writing now has successfully gotten its 50th entry. Yes. This very blog you are reading is 50 posts old. 50 baby!!! Now that is a milestone. I have to congratulate myself for this. :D
There you have it! Evidence...

I had no particular topic in mind for this post. So, to kill boredom( because I did not feel like sleeping. It is 10 30 PM)and to get this milestone under my belt, I decided "Why not thank all the people who took pains (LOL) to visit this blog and read each post that this screwed up brain could think of? " Not only that but also they had the time to comment. So here goes......My tribute to THE PASSERBYs ( in no particular order)

#1 : Uttara

The person who sowed the seed in my brain. The seed, which later developed into this thirst for blogging. Her blogs are unbelievably long, yet captivating. My benchmate during 4th and 5th, and a city-mate now (!), it has been a wonderful ride with her on board. Known for her brain and cheek even then! An enigma.Keep em' coming pal!

#2 : Shreyas Krishna

The person in whom I re-instilled the interest of blogging. This fellow had already had a blog but forgotten the password. This is exactly what he had commented.....
"He he he...If one can post crap like this, why shouldn't I start a blog!!" ( Referring to my earliest posts, which were..total crap). I've just got to know him better and blogging is a part of the thread that holds us together, other parts being coffee, music, cars, bikes, yahoo! pool, graffiti, etc.....Cheers mate!

#3 : Nithya (Siva) Shankar

Actually I don't know what her exact name is because I guess she has changed it. Really great pal. Got a lot of stuff in her brain. I think that's what makes her eyes bulge out a bit. lol. Awesome vocabulary she has got. Her poems always make me realise the dufus in me! Her blogs are one of a kind. So is she- one of a kind. Great to have met ya Nith!! Rock on _ _ (you know what this is!!!)

#4 : Shivram

Now what can I say. The guy with the "I don't give a fuck " attitude. Recently joined the bloggers fray. Pretty lazy at blogging I should say. But by his usual standards, his posting skills are lightning fast! Great pal. We resonate quite well. Hellzhole's asshole-in-chief! A pulsar is waiting on the wings for him too. Well there you have it. ma man Shiva!

#5 : Madhavan Ravi

The guy who spares some time from his supposedly busy schedule to sneak a peek occasionally at this idle mind. I can't blame him. He's got his masters degree to get! Well for all those who don't know- Madhavan Ravi is Sharanyan Ravi's brother. Not seen him in a lot of time. Thank you brotha !!!

#6 : Annette Thomas

A.K.A gravity. College senior. Techmusic judge. Rocking singer. Talented poetess. Rookie sketcher. Well there you have it. In a nutshell. Her taste in movies match mine a lot. Se prefers not be called one but she is a major padips. Keep the snide comments coming 'nette!!

#7 : Surya Krishna

Chief golti of the gang. The man with the "Hell! who cares " attitude. My recent friend but a really good one. We live on the same street. His time-to -time mokkais are really painful but he does that only to break the silence. Champion comedian. And the king of ab-crunches. Waiting for his blog to receive the first meaningful post. Rock on pal!

#8 : Shri Hari

The leader of our makeshift CS team. Awesome guy. His camera rocks. One of my other recent friends. Chuchu makes him squirm! Partners in crme at uit, cibi fraud ( HE HE ), Morning college bus missers.. etc etc. Awaiting his blog too. Pottukko machaan!

#9 : Athos
This isn't his original name I guess. He is supposed to be my college senior but I don't know him. But I sure can say one thing. His poems are one of a kind. HIs skills at photography are cool too. One of my blog pals. See in what ways blogging helps one! Nice guy. Cheerio!
#10 : Venki ( Geek Almighty)

Another very recent blog pal. Tech geek I should say from what I have gathered up to date. All his posts are wacky, original and creative. His blog looks cool, pimped up and all. Would be great if all bloggers unite one day. Hmm. Lemme keep dreaming.
#11 : Vaishnavi and upasana

I don't know if these two people read all my posts but they do visit this page once in a BLUE moon. Their lazy asses aren't so lazy after all but lazy enough not to comment. One's a cousin and the other indulges in cuisine! Rock on girls!
#12 : College pals

Mary --> for your verbal comments at college after reading the blog at home
ET ---> For your occasional visits to this page with your busy dating and what not.
Niveditha ---> For all the page visits and the one comment.
Prahaas---->I just found today he reads my page !!!
Ganesa---> One of my best pals in college.

#13 : Meera

Ah. The one who read all my post but got the nerve to comment only after the 40th one. Believe me this girl said she was scared of me till 12th standard. What! Did I have horns and had a blue tongue or something? Anyways, Pals forever!
#14 : The others

The title "the others " do not make these readers any less important. Karthik, Govind, Gautam, etc.. these people atleast had the patience to visit my page of yarns! Thanks y'all.

#15 : Mystery Men (& Women)

All those who without my knowledge visit my blog. Thank you.

Phew..That was some hard work. Only now I can see I actually have a sizable number of readers. I'm honored! Thank ye one and all!

And check out the what's brewing tab now and then for news on any additions to the blog and where to find them. Rata ta ta ta !!

Please leave your comments as always!!


Jan 11, 2007

Classroom blues....

You never realize the artist in you till you sleep only to let the hidden other side of you wake up, and then your first side wakes up and marvels at the modern and abstract works of art effected by your very own hands in a subconscious state......

Chemistry class...Yawn

Another chemistry class...This time the sir saw it.. :|

Chemistry class 3...First page of my notebook

Frugal note taking... I tried my hand at it...Got a sour look from the teacher.. :|..After all notes are for us right??

The heights of sleepy writing....ROFL

Doodle away!!!!

Ha..The physics first sem hero!!!..I din't name him yet..Suggestions please!!

This one is named Cumulus...The right arm is a bit off....Had to do it under the bench in a physics class...

Dye laser never looked this illustrated in any book.....I like the AI a lot... :D


Jan 9, 2007

A life of colors...............

Warning! Please go on if you have at 5 minutes or more of free time. Those who don't have that, please abstain from viewing this.

These past few days at madras have been really good to me and my camera. Kurukshetra ended up being just an excuse for all the fun places we visited. Kurukshetra was great. However on the Sharan-scale-of-fun....it gets jetlagged compared to the other kinds of fun we had...

Me...Arms wide open....

Looking back....Retrospection..Retrospective shrey...

Shri hari and shivram....Fellow kurukkers and CSers..

Surya and ET...Gym bodies....

The friend philosopher and guide.....Check out his "eye candy" episode later on the near-future blog...

My tryst with babysitting! Check out the near-future-post for details....

Paper Girls.... :P

CBR...Brillian in blue..One of the bikes we saw...

A work of art in its own right...

Ahhhhhh.... The very reason I got a digicam.. To capture such moments...Btw these were the showers of sparks when a guy roasted corn on coal at the beach...

On of our luncheon escapades.....

Where ends meet........


Power unleashed in a peaceful fashion..........

LOL...One of the few weird signals in chennai....

Check out the 4 exhausts of this baby....

Ahh...The night time coffee break....I had a cafe caramel large....sumptuous..

I've left my name on the sands of time.....with my footprints and hand print too!!! :P

The whole lot....Ninja, CBR s, R6, R1, Agusta MV, Fazers, CB1000....

A hole in the roof..........

Where'd you go when darkness shrouds you in everlasting gloom? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yep...Drool over it....

The sands of time...It cost me Rs.150....lol

What's the story morning glory??...

The local champions!!!

Oh boy is that a snail???

The photo says enough


Jan 4, 2007

Let The Battle Begin...

Yep, Kurukshetra has finally took off! Have little time to pack up and leave for chennai. So this is going to be my shortest post ever. I'll explain later after we end up being the kauravas or pandavas. :P (If they wanna name it Kurukshetra, then I don't see any problem in naming the losers and winners like this..:D)..ok cia folks. I'm going on a riiiiiiiiiiiiiide!