Nov 30, 2007

A dog's life

Our 2 year anniversary, and I have to spend it alone. You know, it was this very same day she promised me she'd never leave me. I should have seen her fingers to see if she'd had them crossed. Hmmm..I still remember the shirt she wore that day, light blue, First button missing, an ink dot on her high on the right cheek, a result of pen-in-hand thinking. That day when I told her that I love her. That day that she told me she felt the same way too. That day that I 'd wished for every day after meeting her at work. Two years ago. Two years.

"I'm leaving on a jet plane..." . Yea right. A jet plane named misunderstanding that eventually crashed in the sea of despair. You had to take me along didn't you? Let me look back. Everything was fine. Smooth. You loved me. I loved you. People were ok with it. Then I get promoted and I got a secretary and you got jealous. For what?? Because she got to spend more time with me at office. But you never understood that the amount of time is never a measure for the amount of love. Yes she was a good friend. Yes we had coffee together. Yes I gave her a hug for her birthday. But God, we've been through more. And A hug a coffee and some time dictating the details to me is enough to make you doubt me??

She wouldn't talk to me in the office again. And now it's our anniversary and she doesn't give a damn. Why?? Why can't people be open minded and mean it when they say "I trust you more than anybody"?? I can't let her go. No, I won't. I'll bring her door down if thats what it takes to get to her. I'll make her see sense that her smile says more than ..what did she say??..yea "that dumb Secretary girl" can ever say. I'm going right now.


Yea right. Woof bark..What else do you know..a little lick a little rub and there you go. Seven or eight puppies. No secretaries. Food, sleep and play. WIsh I had a life like you...

Nov 28, 2007

Sila nerangal

Frequent power cuts. Frequent cable TV cuts exactly when I want to see DragonballZ. Frustration seeps in when I switch on the Tv and find the blue screen instead of Goku holding up the spirit bomb. Frustration spreads like blood through veins when I hear the beep-beep of the UPS signaling a black-out. I take a walk through Dr. Hannibal lecter's memory palace to ease the frustration. The power comes back on.

I want to sketch a wolf, write a ballad, a story, sit on a cliff facing the sea listening to John Denver sing "You fill up my senses..." or Bono crooning "With or without you...". I hum a tune thinking how farfetched these are, some because I'm lazy, others because I dunno why.

I find myself having lots of time to spare and at the same time in need of it. I'm occupied but bored. If I'm really not bored then it so happens that it is short-lived. Long holidays suck. Correction. Long holidays at home suck. Especially when your friends have exams.

I have this recurrent image of a beach where I sit near the shore, watching the gulls circling the sky, letting the grains of sand drift slowly to the ground through the gaps in between my fingers. The sand always manages to slip through. A silent tear and a smile simultaneously visit my face. I find this image both dreamy and haunting. Like a puppy which has injured a leg but still licks your hand.

Do people really put smileys to depict their mood or just for the sake of conversation? Are people really what they say they are? Is the crow really a cuckoo instead?

I'm bored..

Nov 27, 2007

What I've done

To say a few words and let you see more of what I've done..

A glimpse here and there of our trip to chennai..


Siva Visakan

Guest appearance:

Shri Vasan

The Diwali visit to the orphanage..

The cast:

Ashwin Raghav
Rahul saka
Paul george
Hari babu
Rahul agarwal
And me...

Nov 26, 2007


So I'm back after two weeks and the world is still spinning. It's been quite great, these two weeks, what with the exams getting over and then the holidays and diwali too.

Orkut says "My dearest wish will come true today." I have no idea what it pertains to but I sure as hell don't think it has yet. There is still a hour and a half left. SO I'm gonna dream my ass off I guess!!


Nov 11, 2007

He discovers that his grandpa was a part of a secret organisation called the plumbers after he meets vilgax the second time. The plumbers were the ones who fought the extra terrestrial creatures which invaded the earth. But as the big bad villain was laid to rest they were disbanded.

One fine day an alien is loose at the museum. He goes there, hits his watch and voila! he turns int o this big green alien. That's his superpower by the way. He goes to stop the bad alien, but another guy is there. He mistakes this green alien for the bad one and fires at him also. But finally the good alien escapes and as time runs out he switches back to human form. And the bad alien is caught. The one who caught it was phil, grandpa's old partner.

Phil finds out about his watch which is called the omnitrix,(the source of his superpowers) and wants to restart the plumbers with him in it. Day by day the frequency of alien attacks increase, and after phil catches them he gets paid well by the governement. Grandpa max becomes suspicious and rushes to mount rushmore and yes his guess was correct, the null void projector is missing!! Phil turns up behind him and explains that he stole that so that he could release all the aliens that they caught with it so that he could catch them again with his grandson and become rich! But max wouldn't have it that way. So he releases an alien to attack max and goes away.

But our hero comes and turns into this grey matter alien which goes on top of the other released alien. Grey matter is very intelligent you see. So it learns how to control the other alien and hits phil's truck with it. Phil is stranded. He uses his null void projecter and tries to catch our hero also inside it. But our hero uses a piece of broken mirror from the truck and the beam hits phil himself and he is trapped along with the other aliens in the projector which max returns safely to the hide out at mount rushmore.

All is well that ends well!!

And that was 10:00 to 10:30 Am of 10th november 2007