Oct 28, 2009


Chief Running Water: Your mother is what we Indians call, 'Bear With Wide Canyon.'
Cartman: What do you mean?
CRW: She is 'Doe Who Cannot Keep Legs Together.'
Cartman: Huh?
CRW: Your mom's a slut.

Oct 24, 2009

Them good Ol' movie watchin' times.

Finally, I got to see 5 movies in what could technically be called a spree. ;)

The Aviator : Long, but worth it. Leonardo owns.

I Love You, Man : Funny movie. A change from the serious stuff. Not American pie sequel-like brainless humor. :)

The Hustler : An addition to the list of Paul Newman movies I'm hitting off late. He's got style!

The Hangover : Hilarious movie. Worth the hype, IMO. (Well chosen soundtracks )

Inglourious Basterds : The movie I was most anxious to see, this year. I waited this long to get a good print of it, cursing Coimbatore theatres for screening shit like Jagan Mogini instead of English movies. Finally, I saw it yesterday...

It was GOOD. But not Tarantino-GOOD. See movies like Pulp fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs to know what I mean.

In short the Basterds weren't as Awesome as they were on the trailer, save the Bear Jew.

Next up : Rocknrolla, Star Wars - the entire series (amidst all the application madness)

Oct 20, 2009

Time without consequence

So I was looking through my music and cleaning up stuff I've grown out of, and I revisited Alexi murdoch.

Time without consequence - What a name for an album.

I have new found respect for this guy. Get this album, or singles like Home, All my days, Orange Sky, or Blue mind to know why. Or not.

P.s : Project's done and officially life is less-hectic than before. That and restricted internet usage lead to PC exploration. ;)

Oct 12, 2009

the perfect coffee

The perfect coffee is a myth.

The perfect coffee is relative.

What say, thoughtbug?