Feb 27, 2009


Expectation leads to disappointment. You see stuff happening around you, and your mind forms strange shapes and images in your head, the stuff that you call "expectations". They start out being hazy and shadowy with the blurry edges found on old video tapes, and as you see that what's happening actually starts overlapping with what you expect, you tend to believe that the pattern will continue and bank on your expectations to become clearer, out of the haze, vivid pictures in your head. But when it ends up getting all grainy and starts to fade away, an imaginary dam bursts within you which makes you want to shout out loud. But then another imaginary dam is constructed into which you pour your emotions. Sometimes, that dam, is a friend. Sometimes that dam is just another concoction, that your mind comes up with, to let you get by. Till the hazes spread out and everything is a blur in the end. Till the dam breaks.

Like all things do.

Feb 25, 2009


Eyes bleary, Muscles burning with exhaustion, clutching the stitch in his side, he runs towards her. Cold sweat. Every step he takes takes her away from him. He stretches his hand out to her, as she slowly gets shrouded by the blinding light, her eyes of despair calling out to him. 

What would you do?

My first 55, on a bored naruto-free night. 
On the road not taken : Currently sights set on

Shahana Goswami. Debbie. Taxi girl

Feb 21, 2009

Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Cognizant held a quiz for the pre final year students from all over Coimbatore and surrounding areas. We were tied for the first when yours truly goofs up on the last question, a tad too enthusiastic, and says Huntington's instead of parkinson's. Only to drop down to second, that too tied for second. 

The tie breaker question on the buzzer. 

Anger, Avarice, Gluttony..

(By now I am smiling and thinking "Bring it on")

...Pride, Envy, Lust and X.

Greed won ET and me, a 30 Gb video pod. Each. :)

Meet Rain aka 42, the newest arrival. :)  The funda of the Pod being female is simply the fact that Shadow is male. 

P.s : The title was our teamname. On a whim, we wanted a dimmu name :)

Feb 20, 2009

Light for the deadvine

Season 4 Finale. The whiteness. The music. The lines.

This is where and how I wanted to be like at 2 PM today when I felt so-fuckin-crowded when made, yes MADE, to take notes and listen to stuff read off a book by people who are paid to do the same, among other stuff.

House M.D for every mood, eh? :)

Feb 16, 2009


leets derepmet ekil leef I

Feb 12, 2009

On the turning away

It is 4.30 PM on a thursday and we go to the canteen. We as in me ganesh, ET, Venki and Vibhu. Apparently they'd started vending the maggi soup that they sell on trains. I get this one which is priced at 7 bucks, two more than the ones they sell in trains. I get the cup from the "akka" there, and the quantity is the same as they give on trains, minus a bread crumb or two. :P. I take a sip or two, leave it on my table under the watchful eyes of ganesh and Venki, and go to get my dosa. I come back and the soup is gone. :|

My two sip old soup was missing. Wanna know how? The table cleaning ladies probably took it thinking it was a soup left undrunk. :| All this happened when those two were still at the table, apparently too engrossed in their talk about world affairs. :|

My soup. Down the drain. :(

And what was fascinating was there was a soup cup, at the table nearby and no one was drinking it. But I can't be too sure can I?

A month or so back, Half a bajji of mine suffered the same fate when I turned around to get a coffee. These people ought to be taught when to clear a table and when not to. 

P.S : On a different note, Happy birthday Tina! (Thanks You, who lives on love and fresh air, for the info) An hour too early but all the same. Go midget!

Feb 6, 2009

Choti si baatein

Little things make my day.

  • Like sharing that knowing glance with someone laughing at some inside joke when all others are puzzled.
  • Like 5 coffees in the span of 5 hours.
  • Like being sight adichified. :P (Yes, yes truly)
  • Like wanting to be 4 again for that awesome 4 yr old girl who gives you pretend chocolates from her tiny bag. 
  • Like this video

  • Like the 101st message of the day without which the conversation isn't over. :P
  • Like the involuntary smile and headbanging on hearing an AWESOME riff by metallica.

P.s : This too. :P

Should I sigh again?

Feb 2, 2009

Man's best friend

Dogs rule. Today I went to a friend's place and he had an irish setter. What awesomeness!! The sleepy fellow was all hyper in an instant when I held out a hand. Dogs cheer me up, hell yeah. And the contentment is evident on their faces when you scratch them behind their ears.

Dogs GENUINELY love people. 
Dogs will  make better humans. Period.

Inspired by Sydney's son, an Irish Setter, whose name eludes me.

P.s : Cat chronicles updated at the bottom of the page as well. After a long time.