Sep 30, 2006

Hair raising situation!!!

Et a.k.a hottie is a guy who never fails to fascinate, be it on purpose or by some mishap!! One fine day me and govind (forgive the grammar!) were walking towards the canteen-the favorite lair of all vettis as i'd like to put it. Behind us were ET and ram. Three girls were walking the opposite side. Our class girls. I was talkin to Govind so I did not notice them. Et on the other said a big hi to niveditha. She, the naughty devil she is, replied "hi hottie". that was it. Next minute I saw him he was talking to a sottai guy. I was thinking "Cool Ets buttering him up"..Then I went to classs and there was this guy stony faced. He just said one line......
"Is it seriously f****** wrong to say hi????" I was laughing my intestines out. The guy had turned out to be the student's councillor or something. NOw Et had wavy hair too and wore three livestrong bands that fateful day. He put two and two together and branded him a rowdy..all for saying hi!!!..Then next bad hair day. Day before math test. Niveditha had asked me to teach her math.(She hardly listens in class). ET decided to come too so that he did not have to learn at home. So we stayed back and after it was over we were walking out. On the way this guy ET suddenly muttered "shit" and disappeared down the other side. I gave her a puzzled look. Next minute I burst out laughing. At 10 o clock was the sottai guy. ET had run away shit scared seeing him. NOw we too started laughing. Thank heavens he did not tel me off for walking with her. After this episode ET came back and said "Man he must have had a very tough life as a teenager. Sterility may be". Lol. So moral of the story..."next time yo see a semi bald for your life..You'll never what hit you"..Ta Dah

Musings of a meandering mind

I just stared at my blank screen with its white blinking pointing in my programming lab class today when I was supposed to be doing dos commands. Actually it was just a few commands so I had finished them. Unfortunately many of my friends were on leave today. All hostelites returned home...ahh! home sweet home!. I started thinking about home. Then one lead to another(as it often does in many a case and in one such case I happened to be caught) and my mind took an altogether new route. Yet again it preferred to travel along the much beaten path which lead to the still-unsolved debate of God's existence. Then a song came to my mind. It goes...
"As the guards march me out to the courtyard ,
Somebody cries from a cell" God be with you",
If there's a God then why has he let me die."
Now that is one good point which needs hell of a lot of solid proof to disprove. Ironically it was sung by a punk metal band. LOL. Yet again paths switched. This time it rested on a movie I recently saw. SAW II. Now here we have something interesting. A guy kidnaps people, puts them in traps meant to kill, then asks them to escape as if in a game, and in the process they kill themselves but he gets away with it as he did not kill them. For all this he justifies by saying "Some people are so ungrateful to live....". Ruthless he may be but these words triggered some dormant part of my grey matter. I realised that it was true in most cases. Most people don't look at what they have but aim for what they don't have. Such people thus knowingly or unknowingly make themselves baits for the jigsaw killer. Yeah that's about it. My fingers have wandered enough or my mind has rather ordered then to rest. Whatever be the case, let God and the jigsaw killer rest. If ever there is a God let him be. That's my attitude. Like it or leave it. DOn't ever mess with it. ciao folks!

Sep 20, 2006

The saibaba colony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Are off to the alps!!!!!!!!!!!!..
Dont get too excited...the header says it all....we just planned to meet up at alps after a long time....a reunion of friends...lotta people turned,govind,shrey,et(hottie),shivram,ashish,lakshman,ashwin,surya,bharat,chandrasekar,swathish,vasanth,vineeth, and kb. the place was crowded..IF one already knows the size of the place one would appreciate how compact the place was.....i mean we took up the entire place....the guy at the machine was surprised....all this for a softie each!!!!!!!!!!!!....we talked about each others college antics......made fun of et the hottie!!... and then went and stood outside as a gang just to be chased by a police officer!!!!...we then split up and once gain met at ashish's place...there too it was crowded.!!!!!!....after much chitchat..i finally asked ashish to play his did he rock!!!....he sang one of the greatest songs of oasis!! was gr8 man!!...then it was time to say asta la vista...jolly good time...........

Sep 16, 2006

'Dumb' luck!!!

C Programmming practical classes are not useful without computers...our dumb luck...the computer we always used to use was stolen or rather 4 of us me,et,alagappan, and gv were without computers..and the two girls nearby brindha and dakshina had we were waiting for a computer and so we took theirs....even then it was i looked friend niveditha was sitting and writing in front of the computer which was working.and the other two girls i mentioned finished the work..we guys were lagging behind..i got so pissed off...i asked her"Does that work??"...she was like"They have changed the password its not logging on"...ok so she has a reason and i left it...but still after ten minutes i couldnt stand it as my friend et was showin off his c skills rather than doing what we were asked i went to her place and tried the password...then i knew......
she had put on the caps lock and typed the password
....and she cudnt even check that......i was like....i dint know what to say....then i jus shook her hand and congratulated her genius....but u know what the worst part is???...she started laughin...i was like the stoned face anyway we finished the work in the end....what an incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 13, 2006


One day in a bus(S8 to be particular)...crowded as place even to stand....the bus stopped at my friend et's stop....i was expecting him to get on....but he dint...the bus took off slowly..then i remembered him telling me one day how he got on a bus theatrically while it was i started imagining him running beside it....the bus picks up runs and runs and runs and then......pachaaaaak!!!! is sprawled face first in a puddle of mud....his face covered with mud he loooks up and gives a beaten vadivelu look...suddenly im jerked back to reality and i started laughing..the guy near me stared at me coz he dint know what i was laughing for.....he moved one step away from me for god's sake!!!.....ill never forget this!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 10, 2006

What a Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U Know the day is gonna be sweet when u are allowed to wake up whenever you want!!!...That is the greatness of sunday!!!...I woke up at 8 30 in the morning..took all the time to brush my teeth...then sat on the comp and checked mail....waah..leisure!!!!...then had a nice hot bath ...listened to some soothin music..then me and my mom left to my mom's mom's house.....there did a bit of record writin(Life is not a bed of roses[:(])..then saw irwins marathon episodes...sob sob.then we rode back home...then the fun started...we set out and it started a long time i got skin deep drenched in was really home then had a hot bath again!!!....then saw ronan keating on tv....then it was time for the screening of "SAW" what a movie....seriously awesome.....i was like oh my god at the ending...then had pizzas for dinner...what a perfect end to the perfect it all ends...bah!!!

A tribute to Steve Irwin

A LIFE-long friend of Steve Irwin today told how the Crocodile Hunter pulled a deadly stingray barb from his own chest before losing consciousness and dying.

Friend John Stainton said he had viewed footage of his friend's last moments and the images were "shocking".

"It's a very hard thing to watch because you're actually witnessing somebody die ... and it's terrible," he said.

"It shows that Steve came over the top of the ray and the tail came up, and spiked him here (in the chest), and he pulled it out and the next minute he's gone.

"That was it. The cameraman had to shut down."

The great man died in a freak accident which made people all over the world cry.....

Sep 9, 2006

The Mind Wanders....

I sit and stare at the blank computer screen waitin for me to type something....Lines from "remember the name" ring in my ears....Lots of memories flash by...I begin to type....Time goes on really fast...Just yesterday i joined college but now I feel at home in my class....Just yesterday my brother gave me a hug and left to the usa...Now he is earning 1500 usd a month....Just yesterday I Started this it runs on and on....Time flies by...Leavin us panting astride...Ill never know what the future holds for me but I sure know I have to stand up to it....There is lot of reason to hit back at the bad....there is a lot more reason in reasoning with them....What is done is done...............

The next song brings me back to senses. Time has flown by.............

Sep 5, 2006

A Spot Of Bother

England lost in the fifa world cup 2006..and this is what i did....i felt so damn upset mannn...


A spot of white in a sea of green,
120 minutes and no goal seen;
10 dozen minutes, no good shot,
In the end it comes to the spot.

Agonizing seconds creep by,
On his shoulder all hopes lie;
He stares nowhere in particular
Everything around is a vibrant blur.

A gust of air howls around,
And then a shrill whistle sound;
“It’s time gentlemen.” The ref says,
HE gets on his knees and prays.

The noose tightens around his neck,
The ball is placed on the dreaded speck;
Right? Or left?.... he wonders,
There should be no blunders.

Funny how it should all end,
After the ball takes many a bend;
Ten kicks from a white spot,
As the throat tightens to a knot.

The silent killer nudges past,
Sheer silence in the stadium vast;
His legs feel willowy and like glue,
Four penalties; each two put through.

The fifth one is taken well,
His ally scores one swell;
Now it all depends on him,
Everything; an entire nation’s whim.

He walks a tantalizing trot,
He saves the little energy he’s got;
Memories of events flash in his head,
All those saves, to this had lead.

A dive, and the crowd cheered,
A miss, and the same jeered;
But he had gotten through full time
Restoring hope for the people of his clime.

He reaches the line at last,
Shadows in all directions he cast;
Save the goal, he utterly must,
Or his team would bite the dust.

The nemesis gets his weapon placed,
The crowd watches everything dazed;
A dive could gain him great honor,
Or would it turn into a spot of bother?

The rival marches to the ball,
The referee sounds the warning call;
The ball is kicked with precision,
A disturbed mind makes its decision.

Which team won? I will not say,
Let your imaginations run, I daresay!
Win or lose, be what may,
They look at that spot with dismay.

Time marches on and on,
Night dies to the light of dawn;
Ideas and views always differ,
But this will be a spot of bother.

Had A Bad Day..

I wrote this poem one day when i was feeling really pissed goes..........

You wake up one fine day
‘Hey today’s gonna be my day,
Everything’s gonna go my way,
Then you hear the donkey’s bray!’

You sit down and the shit won’t come,
You turn the key, the car won’t hum,
You start to walk; a dog bites on your bum,
And you thought you’d meet Heidi Klum.

Bad start, you take it easy,
Go to your office and call Tracy,
But you hear a voice so greasy,
That sounds a lot freaky.

“Tracy’s gone on a holiday,
I’m Dick filling up for the day
Call me as and when you may,
At my desk, I hold sway.”

Who’s this dick with a wig ,
Who can’t even hide his dick so big,
His pants don’t even stand at his hips,
And you thought you’d see Tracy’s lips.

Marshall Mathers goes on rappin’
“his soul’s escapin’ through a hole that’s gapin’”
But I say, “Look at this guy farting,
Through his ***hole gapin’

Just when you think it cant get worse
Your little happy bubble bursts
Tracy had run away with Fred Durst
Who had been her boyfriend first.

You look at the clock, tickin’ close to four,
At four, the office would be no more,
You go home, open the door,
Oh! Man! the dog’s shit on the floor.

You call your wife, she ain’t there
You call your kids, they ain’t there
They all gone to the village fair,
And have a ride on the cute mare.

You look in the fridge,
There ain’t nothing but bilge,
There’s no better stuff in the fridge,
You go to the motel Mitch.

“Gimme the usual, Manson,”
that’s his name, he is Mitch’s grandson.
He’s a geek, not so handsome,
Oh! Man! Thieves holdin’ for ransom.

They loot the motel’s big safe,
They take whatever they can take,
They take our clothes and dump it in the lake,
And leave us nude, wide awake.

Everybody’s angry everybody’s ashamed,
It was the black gang famed,
You try to cover to cover yourself up,
Before the press snaps you up.

You go home, cold and freezin’
Everything about you revealin’
The lightning flash outside is blindin’
And yeah, you’re right, it starts rainin’.

You reach home wet and dripping,
Step on the dog’s stinking dropping,
Everyone home is tightly sleeping,
You go to your bedroom creeping

You lie down and say wow,
You think nothing can go wrong now,
Just then the fan hits your brow,
And you go owwwwwwwwww

You sleep bruised and battered,
How you felt never mattered,
Just when you thought it was your day,
Satan comes and has a say.

You gotta have a lot of patience,
To make some sense out of nonsense,
Or at least you have a good imagination,
And defeat boredom with such creations.

-Aryan Nash

Im on tv!!!!

As i sed we went to nilgiris for sidhus bday....there was this guy with the virtual request unit...we decided to give it a shot....8 ppl tightly fitted into the place the webcam cud shoot....we asked for a song and voila ...we r gonna be on tv!!..big deal....anyways u dont get to be on tv there you go!!


Sep 1 2006.....Birthday of one of our classmates...We all wished him happy thing he heard was
from god knows how many directions....then it was agreed that he would give it at nilgiris in the evening after college...evening came....there he was in black and white....with that smile on his face.....we took our bikes.....8 in 4, visak, sidaardh, sidhu, et, anbarasu, krishna, and karthik....a small mishap happened then....he he....i sat on my frends helmet holder accidentally and broke it...but who cares...we had ordered a cake in advance...lighted the candle took photos...stuffed cakes in each others mouths....Then had a frankie each..then ice cream time...the guy was so surprised that he sed
enga veethla koodha ipdi senjadu illa da
....gr8 time we had....ciao

Sing.... Sing Sing..... Sing

Voila...sunday college...u gotta be kidding me....yeah rite that would be my reaction but not this time....ha ha...tekmusic passion for music outlasted my laziness and i boarded the usual s8 and set out on a sing.....the auditions were only at 4 but he hung around the whole turn came at alst...I became billy joe....
i walk a lonely road......
15 ppl sang in all...the worst part was no one was selected....damn....guess we all were so brilliant they cudnt decide who to drop.!!!lol...anyways i know i can sing and that is all that matters...ciao..

A Great Loss

What a Monster
....i can never forget these words of his as he jumped toward yet another aussie salt water croc....the crocodile hunter steve irwin put to rest by an innocent sting ray....sent through his heart a shaft...the great man will be sorely missed...poor terri... they worked great as a team.....we will never see a man as exuberant as him again....hope he finds some crocs in heaven.....lets drink to his name...amen