Aug 31, 2009

Aug 19, 2009

Coffee, anyone?

I managed to whip up the P.E.R.F.E.C.T coffee I could, with the limited resources I had, and the small amount of energy I was willing to expend. I sipped it till the last drop, slowly, and pleasure spread through me. Coffee is liquid sex. And the more you have it, the less tired you get.

Aug 15, 2009

Big City Life

I'm at cochin now, and folks are taking a nap on a saturday afternoon. This city is quite small as well, like the one I live in, coimbatore. I dug up a few songs from the depths of my computer and this one landed up - Big City Life by Mattafix (Something I'd caught on VH1 when I used to watch TV, by Mattafix; one hit wonder, most probably) Love this song, however weird or retarded he might sound. ;)

You can find it here. (The embed didn't work somehow).

Aug 13, 2009

Listening to rain

Some songs are meant to be window seat songs, like when you look out the window and those songs plays, it fits.

Songs in my head : N.I.B (Black Sabbath), Hoppipolla (Sigur Ros), Daddy's gone(Glasvegas), Blow up the outside world (Sound Garden).

Aug 10, 2009

There are two kinds of pain, Excruciating and liberating.

The former has all the negative connotations of pain, whilst the latter is the kind that is a promise of better things to come.

Aug 2, 2009

The one where I make an exception.

Sunday evenings mean informal quizzes at the CQC (Coimbatore Quiz Circle) and we had one today as well. I was going, after a month long hiatus due to various reasons which made my sundays absolutely not how they're supposed to be. So today I'm sorted into team 3 and by some mysterious rumblings, there are just 3 people in team 3, when there are 6 to 7 in all the other 5 teams (we call out numbers and all 1s bunch togehter, you get the drift).

There's also Dr.Zhivago who's come all the way from team 5 to sit with us. ( Now Dr.Zhivago is how I call this doctor's 7-8 year old little girl. One certain sunday, on one such quiz, there was this video clip and we were asked to identify what movie that was. It was a scene on a beach, and no one was able to get it. This little girl shouts Dr.Zhivago! matter-of-factly, and says "I've seen that movie". Awesome innit? )So, Dr.Zhivago comes to us and says she wants to sit with 3 today. :) So the quiz begins and ten minutes into it, she asks for my hand. I was pretty sure I heard her wrong, when she took it and started tying a satin friendship band around my wrist. She then flashed this wide grin and took my phone and started playing with it.

Man, was I touched.

P.s : I usually am not a fan of friendship bands. Ergo, the title.