Jul 29, 2009

Men of principle

My Industrial management lecturer has a lot of quirks, vices if you may, but there are times when he says things like this, that makes you look up to him.

"I'm against the reservation system. I belong to the Backward community. Around three years back, my daughter wrote her boards and appeared for counselling. My friend suggested me to make use of that loophole and get a seat in the BC quota. I didn't allow it. She got into Sandwich EEE in the general category."


Half a globe away, lived a man named Randy Pausch. His last lecture is something that isn't to be missed. However I didn't get to reading his book all this time. Funny how I started reading it exactly a year after he died. The book has much more detail, how he got to doing his lecture, his narrative part. I'm not gonna spoil it for you by quoting him. Go on, read it.

Jul 20, 2009

Final year

2 days of classes attended in 3 weeks. My new record.

Jul 18, 2009

Sour popcorn

Harry potter and the Half-Blood Prince - a waste of time, except for the company I had. I'd have been better off laughing at Harry potter-um maya rajakumaranum.

Ginny weasley might as well have been dead, but kudos to her and the director for playing such passion with such listlessness.

And dumbledore was killed off as though he was just another friggin' wizard.

Yes, let's hope the seventh movie is worth the 2 parts.


(I turn 3 today, and it is my ill luck to have a post about this movie to commemorate this. Damn you Ryan. **Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...)

Jul 5, 2009

75 minutes in the corridor of a random complex sheltered from rain.

Good talk.