Apr 30, 2010


He could only try to explain that insane rush he felt when they stood on top of the mottamaadi singing at the top of his voice, his friend playing the guitar beside him, under a moon amidst violent streaks of lightning and a few shy drops of rain.

He could try as much as he want, but he'd fail, every single time.

Apr 28, 2010

Symbol love

i'm just so in love with the ~ symbol. everytime i look at it, i see a lady waving goodbye with her little white handkerchief. A lady named tilde.

Apr 23, 2010

Long long ago

10:23 PM me: do you play mafia wars?
 Madhavan: ?? edhula?   pc ?
 me: facebook
 Madhavan: i signed up.  i dont play
 me: ok i ll add you. i need to grow my mafia  :P
10:24 PM Madhavan: but i ll get killed unnecessarily  :P
10:25 PM me: its ok  :P accept
P.s: Madhavan is my dear brother.

Apr 22, 2010


and silly potty humour.

Ah. :)

Apr 20, 2010

There and Back again.

(Those of you who spotted the lame pun in the title, good for you! :D)

For the first time in 21 years of my life, I've been given general anesthesia and operated on. Yes, I find it cool that I was knocked out by a man wearing a green mask, who put a gas mask to my face, spontaneously talking about my life as thought it interested him :)

The above stated operation required me to take rest for 2 weeks, which means, 2 weeks of no office, guilt-free fun, which otherwise would have been fun filled with guilt at the office. I'm hunting down the ones on the IMDB list, with 6 in two days now (Paths of glory, Monty Python and the holy Grail, Strangers on a train, Sleuth, Network and The Maltese Falcon) with the odd southpark episode thrown in the mix.

Life's alright. I have one less thing to experience now.

Apr 7, 2010


I got a random FB friend request, which I
accepted just because of the display picture.

Pure genius.

Apr 3, 2010

Anime Videogame Paiyya

Whatever follows is bullshit. I've warned you.

Take the typical tamil film. The hero is more often than not, surrounded by 20 or so hitmen and one Boss. The hitmen come one by one only, mano-e-mano. They get knocked out by the hero, one by one, and after the last one is down, the first one wakes up again and comes back, you know, because he has a 1up and all. So do the rest, and after one more round, the hero finally gets to meet the boss.

Now when we look at this carefully, we see inefficiency. Let's assume the hero has 1500 hit points (and of course he has 2 lives, one of which he loses against the boss after the initial beating). Let's assume each of the hitmen have 100 xp. That makes 2000 in total. They shout, flail their arms and run from a distance of 15 metres while attacking which reduces their energy and so their HP by say, 25. So a wastage of 500 presents, and further more they don't attack together. So as a result, the hero is just weakened.

Now the boss steps up. As always the boss is huge and has special powers and resilience. So he beats the hero once. Then the hero uses his 1up, (which is a look of desperation fixed on the face of the heroine, held captive by the magically revived hitmen) and goes to challenge the boss, having figured out his tactics, and having gotten a boost. The rest is history. He finally jumps off from the tall building and grabs the flag to fireworks. All's well :)

No, I wasn't jobless. Code's compiling!