Jan 25, 2011

Sometimes I feel EECS588 is reason enough to study in Michigan. I can easily say that every single research paper I read here was written by cool people, because not only do they have amazing insight but also great humor.

The course has no exams and no homeworks, just a project, a security attack demo and reading two papers every class. Some papers are as good as short stories.

When the professor welcomes you for the second class wearing a red star china hat and says "Thank you for coming back today. This is going to be the best class you'll ever take in UMich", you know you're good to go.

Jan 18, 2011

No MSG. No Preservatives. No regrets.

Kettle cooked potato chips with sea salt and cracked pepper.

And the letters on the wrapper read "Dirty chips".

Best chips ever.


P.s : Imagine all the advertisements one can shoot for "dirty chips"!

Jan 16, 2011

When the stars point and laugh.

I know I'm a Pisces/Aries cusp. I know all the 12 signs of the zodiac. I know what comes when. I don't know what my birthstone, color etc are. I don't know who I get along with or what kind of people pisceans are. I've heard people tell me I have characters that are associated with Pisces. I say OK. It isn't bad if you're not like your sign and it isn't great if you are. To an extent, Zodiac signs control people like puppets. The best parts about the zodiac are the signs associated with them and the shapes they make in the sky.

If your zodiac changes, do you change? If you say yes, then IMHO you are the biggest pile of Taurean excreta I've ever heard of. I know many people who classify people based on zodiac signs and are happy to meet other people of the same sign.

Will you see yourself any differently now that your star has changed?  And if stars do govern your character and the new system IS right, will your belief system fail? Would you still find something that feels like home with your new sign?

I see why churches used to ban science. It's a laugh riot in the heavens.

Jan 15, 2011

I wish I was the last note of a piano piece which lingers for a few seconds before vanishing into the silence that surrounds it or the fingers of the pianist which stay in place for the same few seconds till it vanishes.

I found out why a bell is referred to as a ding-dong today. Earlier, church bells used to the only ones in high towers and they always swayed. When they rang, when the bell swung closer to you, you hear a ding. And when it moved away from you, due to the wonder that is the doppler effect, you hear the ding, as a dong.

How I love physics.

Jan 9, 2011

Super apple.

"You are really good. I mean, you're like, a hundred thousand times better than like any apple I've ever had. I'm not Superman, I'm Supertramp and you're super apple. You're so tasty, you're so organic, so natural. You are the apple of my eye, ha!"

This is probably the best conversation with an inanimate object after, of course, Tom Hanks and Wilson.