Sep 13, 2010

Fooled by a dot

One fine day, I have an hour left before I have to be somewhere, so I just decide to walk around. I walk past this bookstore and then do a double take.

"Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, Autographed"

I go in and after the perfunctory exchanges..

Me : How much for the autographed version of Choke by Palahniuk?

Girl at the counter : Letme check. (Goes, checks and comes back). One-ninety five.

Me  : (*Falsetto mind voice* Jaaackpot!)  Wow, how is it that cheap?!

Girl at the counter : Erm, I mean, it costs a hundred and ninety five dollars. (awkward smile)

Me : Oooohhhhh. (Awkward smile). Okaaay, Have a nice day!

More stories from Ann arbor will be up in the days to come. Or so I hope.