Dec 30, 2006

Ambigramming...My old new hobby - PART I

Well this is a hobby I developed when I was in 11th. But of late Aravind has regenerated the spark in me. Here are a few of my early works. My miscellaneous list of ambigrams got misplaced. And my camera is low on battery and I'm charging it now. So I put up a few of the ambigrams that remain.

Thats my name

Thats not my name!

Shreyas..A good friend of mine

Very eccentric!

Ahh...the word!

Niveditha..Good friend from coll

Abishek...bud from skool

Parthiban a.k.a Tp...lives next street...great pal..And thats shivram below that.

Vivekanand and vasanth....not that gud ambigrams but great guys

Shivram again and karthik..Mr.Humility

Thats upasana...My distant cousin and a great friend

Rest later..Ciao Folks!

Stop....Rewind....Fast forward

So another year ends...I have effectively lived 6490.5 days till now. Another span of 365 days coming up. I have always wondered why this calendar had 365 days in a year. Now I guess I know. This is a period neither too short nor too long to look back on.

For me, this year has a lot of firsts to its credit.

First time:

  1. I went to the gym
  2. I stepped into college
  3. I Started blogging
  4. I started appreciating rock music
  5. A reporter took photo of me[ :P ]
  6. I felt really terrible and extremely pleased after the same F1 race.
  7. etc..etc

Too much happened in one year for my liking. Too many greats retired. The world saw a great revolution. Saddam's throat is at the guillotine, the very minute I type this. What has lead to all this? Year after year, people take resolutions, only to break them. People have cultivated this die-hard habit of breaking the resolutions they make. For the record I'm not a believer of making resolutions only after a new year dawns or whatever.

This year, 2006, has had a mixture of everything. I've had my share of happiness, guilt, misery, awe, and every other emotion I could imagine. The tuitions at the beginning, the exams made my life hectic. But we cruised through that unscathed. That was one big obstacle because nowadays, sad it may seem, academia is being associated more with verbatim knowledge rather than understanding the conceptual matter and having the sense to relate it to day to day occurrences. This year, also happens to be the last year the entrance exams were conducted.

When I look back on this mammoth rollercoaster of a year, I must say it has been a ride to remember. School gave way to college. First there was a nagging sorrow, but then college was not all that bad. You can't have everything can you?? This year was kind of like the "parting of ways". People went on different routes, pursuing different paths enroute to achieving their destiny. However, this year I got acquainted with a lot of people who have effectively brought a new dimension to my life. I would also be pleased if there is one person whose life I have influenced in some microscopic positive way atleast!

Approximately 32 hours from now, millions will wake to the first dawn of 2007, face the first rays of the sun hit this Earth as 2007 dawns. Change is permanent. Every year holds something new, something fascinating. Whatever is in store for me, I'll be glad to embrace with arms wide open. After all, what's so intriguing about the future, if it isn't shrouded in mystery?

Cheers to 2006!!Happy new year folks. This is most probably my second last post for 2006. Ciao folks!

Dec 29, 2006

Movie mayhem!

Three days back I started going to the gym. Since then I have not been able to venture out, let alone play. So I was left with no other alternative but to read books or to watch movies or to listen to some music or to indulge myself in two papers which my friends had prepared. I did a little bit of everything. Which is how I ended up watching 5 movies in the past three days. The following is the list of the movies with a little bit of info on each. ( Just a little bit because I'd rather like people watching them!)

#1 : The Shawshank Redemption

Ahh...Morgan freeman at his best. The life of Andy Dufresne who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder he did not commit, how he strolled among his prison mates like a free man with no care in the world, how all he wanted to do was read the Bible or carve chess figures out of rocks, how a poster of the american beauty Rita Hayworth saved his life is what his is about. Morgan freeman, the good-getter of Shawshank prison,who can get anything you want from outside if you pay him the cash, and Brookes, the prison librarian, who spent 50 years in the prison which he made his home, form central characters in this movie. This is a story of a man who realised his dreams, escaping from the clutches of a sly dean, the corrupted officials, with the help of his friends whose very lives he changed; a story of man who crawled through the narrow hole he carved through his prison wall, and then crawled through 500 yards of shit and emerged clean on the other side.

#2 : Brother Bear

Animation movies never fail to fascinate me.
this is yet another fun/senti/family movie by
disney which portrays the fact that if everyone
learns to live along well, then life becomes all
the more enjoyable. A fun watch and a great
way to spend time though it defies all logic.

# 3 : Open Season

Another animation flick by disney and a recent release, Open season brings a whole different angle to animation movies. This is a movie which portrays the hunting season from an animal's point of view. Boog the bear and Elliot, the moose make an awesome duo. Elliot receives his voice from Eddie Murphy, a magician at this. The porcupine, the squirrels and the skunks never fail to tickle a rib. Excellent creativity and excellent outcome. Pity it did not get released here.
In the pic:This here is the squirrel i told you about. He poses as a gladiator in one scene, a dachshund his faithful steed!

# 4 : Monster House

Adults never believe kids when they say something *out of the ordinary*. So naturally when two kids who say that a house is a monster and eats people alive they naturally tend to see some other reason. Added to this is the fact that the house acts normal in front of adults. Totally out-of-this-world story with the house being possessed by the woman-of-the-house's spirit, but really cool watch. Check out the review somewhere. Spielberg's still got it in him!

In the pic:Thats jenny, Chowder and DJ who form the crux of the story.

# 5 : Dukes Of Hazzard

I was bored when I started watching this. When I finished
watching this, however, boredom vanished completely. Good,
old fashioned, comedy throughout the movie. The antics of Sean William Scott and Knoxville are of laugh-tears extracting
material. Daisy duke ( Jessica Simpson appears as the bait
every time and she looks cute for a change) and uncle Jessy also add to the entertainment. This is a story of the dukes who love
their village and would do anything to prevent it from being
strip mined for the sake of coal. The rest is history. Watchable

Well thats about it. Good Will Hunting is next on the list. Review later! Ciao!

Dec 25, 2006

5 point me!

You know what this is.

5 Things YOU (the reader) don't know about me ( Some people might know a few things written out here already :| )

~ I won the running race( yea its not a typo..) when i was in LKG. A moment to savor.

~I still have my collection of Pokemon tazos which came free with cheetos. Now although I've stopped watching it or collecting it, I don't see any reason why I should throw the old stuff away!. By the way it's arranged in a way so neat that Monica ( from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) would have been proud of.

~I Write under the pseudonym Ryan.A.Nash.

~I can squirt. Nobody else can do this. Or atleast nobody till now has challenged me. By squirt I do not mean spit, regurgitate or vomit. You would understand better if you watch me in action. ( I can do a maximum of 2 metres

~I have so far written a lot of stuff but my first ever poetic venture was a poem called "Untitled". I wrote it after a french exam on a graffiti covered question paper. The second one was my biggest " To Dream Or Not To Dream". Then came the rest.

There you go. 5 things you dunno about me. By the way, please contact me if you can squirt too!

Change is universal.....

Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything changes. One day you are 17. Wake up and blam!! You are 18 years old. Gone are the days when snail-mail and diary writing were considered hobbies. Gone are the days when I would step into my white santro.....
She never failed me once!!

But now, a limited edition Lancer seconds waits for me! My dad is known for changes. This one is a change I do appreciate.!!
Black, menacing, michelin tyres, alloy wheels, cool grill,....A nice buy!!

Yep. another change in my life. I guess this is what makes life anything but monotonous.

Dec 20, 2006

A journey through the annals of truth

You won't realize how much 50 Rs. will open your eyes to the horrible truth that surrounds us, shrouding us in mirages of treachery, until you bought a first class ticket at Carnatic and sat down to watch Kabul express on a wednesday evening, with a guy who felt the urge to sleep during documentaries a bit, a girl who loves journalism and likes these kinda movies , and her mom came along partly on her own accord and partly due to the relentless persuasion by her daughter, however, she enjoyed it as much.

This is one of those movies which, falling in line along with Kurudhi Punal,really drives the point home; whose impact is not dampened by some songs which do not fit in as there are hardly any songs. Short, Crisp and sweet is how I would describe it if asked to in three words. After The Road To Perdition, this is the next movie I have seen in the same Genre and I love this as much as I did that.

How would you feel if your daughter were married to the enemy and you worked undercover as a soldier and later when returning back to your side , they shoot you down? Probably worse than how Mr. Victor navorski felt when his country Krakozia was the battlefield for yet another U.S exploit. But this time, thankfully the person was not alive long enough to feel the pain. The string of bullets from the rail gun drove it right through his heart. This movie is about the exploits of two journalist Suhel and Jai from India and Jessica, another journalist fromU.S.A, An afghan driver and Imran khan Afridi, a patriotic pakistani general who likes to discharge his duties, because it is his Farz, and a loving father who takes money from people at gunpoint just to give to his daughter who he is not supposed to see, during the two days which changed their lives.

I finally found myself able to remove the golden cloak off USA and see the ruthless cold metal inside. Theirs is a policy of use and throw. Use Pakistani soldiers to fight afghans under the pretext of lending a helping hand, and later condemn them to death by making a false statement that no Pakistani exists over the border. Now it all comes back to me. The intervention in Vietnam, the hand in the afghan war, the political skirmishes, all come back in a blinding rush of colors. As Jessica says "these inhumanly gory events"(I think I've got it right!) could have been avoided if USA had not felt the need to poke its nose. But then they had the blood from the 9/11 attacks fresh on their hand but that did not give them the license to use the Pakistanis. Neither did they have a valid reason to indulge in the Vietnam wars, except if you consider lending a supposedly helping hand.

(Vietnam war : unnecessary intervention)

The trust that Imran builds in John and arshad, the pack of cigarettes as a little something from India, the friendly salute and the outstretched arms holding the paper containing holy writing on one hand, and the forlorn, distraught, astounded eyes of Imran when he is shot by his own men on the other, speak louder than the dialogue itself. It is but saddening to see that even after that, his army officer badge and his favorite something-from-india is swept down the stream.

People like Imran, I salute you! USA, you can go to hell if you continue doing stuff like this. It is very heartening to see the citizens of USA condemning their nation's acts. USA has a glorious history. Her story of independence and all the wars she fought over the years have indeed added to her crown. But such moments of thoughtlessness, such foolish acts tend to erase them from our memory.

Kabul express, in short. Kinetic Energy(There you go nith!) which has the potential in it to disturb the cells of your lachrymals. After all as suhel khan says, "Why should I call it a ride with a terrorist? After all we were all in the same vehicle for two days, we all felt fear and anger, we all loved cricket, well not all, we all loved singing. It was just five of us in a vehicle for two days. I just wish he reached home safe."

The occasional squabbles over cigarettes, the gun-threats, the ghaadi chalos, the discussions over imran and kapil, the Arshad warsi one liners all make it a delight to watch. Some may say it's rather slow. But such movies are meant to be slow.

Over All Rating: 4.5/5

Dec 19, 2006

Random Googling!!

Just one of those boring times when you have nothing else to do.(Actually I have got an exam tomorrow..ah but it's only C)...So after an hour of Counterstrike( I have become obsessed..)and a few minutes chatting with my co-bloggers nithya and vaishnavi, during a so-called-break from study which as of now has successfully lasted longer than study itself, I just decided to see what treats google had to offer me. I suddenly got reminded of the words of Vaishnavi "Hey, I googled Ryan.A.Nash but I did not get anything". That coupled with my recent tryst with words like "panegyrize", "Anacoluthon and Amphigory" (You know what?? Mozilla doesn't know these words too!!) made me type "Weird words " in the google search bar. The results took me by surprise. There were people who even made it a job to compile these weird words!

The following is a list of a few I got:

QUODLIBETIPA pronunciation

Either a topic for (or exercise in) philosophical or theological discussion, or a light-hearted medley of well-known tunes. (Ah....remember those days when we had a quodlibet under oak trees??)


A channel, crevice or passage full of windings and turnings.(Actually I kinda like this word...)


Relating to a band of discordant instruments or a noisy parade.(Probably referring to me singing!!)


Something ridiculous, incredible or implausible.(They shouldn't name words like this!!!)


A roundabout process or method; a twist, turn; circumlocution.(Leaves a nice sound in your mouth...)


An Australian Aboriginal musical instrument.(I played the didgeridoo but it sounds like callithumpian cockamamie... :|)


A boundary to a park or garden that doesn't interrupt the view.( In our terms....that is same as he he or hee hee)


An irregular solid figure with 21 faces, 18 of them triangular and the other three square.(sure let me draw you one right away!!!)


A mock title for a person, real or imaginary, who has or, claims to have, great influence or authority. (Mr. Raju the great!!LOL)

SALMAGUNDIIPA pronunciation

A mixture or miscellany.(ROFL...These words sound funny)


A filthy, slobbering person.(No comments :|)


A ringing or tinkling sound.( tingaling would have been better :D)


The eighth power of a number.(he he...This sounds way cool...a couple of Z's and a couple of I's with a few C's...Imaginative word making...No wonder this word was abolished)

There is also this part from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In the ninth season TOW the lottery, Emma says Gleba!!.Check the audio out.Click here!

P.S. Please don't use these words in any of your future speeches or written endeavours because you might find yourself on the receiving end of a few very rotten tomatoes.


Dec 18, 2006

Weird Poetry!!!!

A Large Intestine's Views on Existence

You Think You've Seen So much shit in life??Think again. Here goes my story.......

A hollow tunnel is what I am,
And trust me, I don't look that glam.
While you take in eggs and Ham,
I make it all into a squishy jam!

A long colon, rectum and anus,
I work without creating much fuss;
Even during festive times of X'mas,
When a man 'thout me is dangerous!!

The lil one sucks his best,
And sends tome the rest;
People eat more than we can digest,
What's more I f$%#*& can't protest.

Goeey stuff enter the tunnel,
Someone screams,"A long bowel!!"
My soldiers pick up pick and trowel,
And push it to the next level.

The soldiers satisfy their thirst,
And push it forward lest it bursts!
"Good work",Some of 'em shout,
"Try to make the shit pop out!"

Heave ho!! They toil and moil
God knows he's eaten how much oil!!
After chaos, confusion and much turmoil,
They see the light at the end of the coil.

Hours of hardwork, Virtual slaughter,
In the abdomen of this big fat farter,
All i get is a load of shit,
And man I can't even quit.

So in these tunnels poorly lit,
I toil while you eat nuzzer cheese bit;
So remember me, you lousy git,
As the guy who's seen the most shit.


Dec 15, 2006

Tagged during exams...I blame Nithya

So for once you feel like studying for the exams but then suddenly I find out that SOMEBODY has tagged me. Who is it?? You really wanna know?? Oh, for the love of God isn't it obvious..NOTHYA of course. She loves tagging, we are the victims. He he, kidding. Ok anyway here goes.2

The mission:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the book and the author.

One of Brazil's greatest poets, Vinicius De Moraes, says in the words to a song

" E no entanto e(with accent acute) preciso cantar,
mais que nunca e(again) preciso cantar.
[And meanwhile, we must sing,
more than ever we must sing."]

Like the flowing river, Paulo Coelho

If you make sense of this crap, tell me.


Dec 12, 2006

Past two days...

Here I am, this is me
There's no place else on earth that i wanna be!!

Well there are places on earth that I sure wanna grace with my presence, but I just wanted to give a melodramatic comeback to posting after a considerably long time. Exams were not the reason for this temporary farce in posts. I just did not feel like blogging because of the following reasons.

  • I was totally involved in my mini project.
  • Got three awesome books to read.
  • Hung out at ARC
  • Played counterstrike
  • Saw a movie.
  • Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Saw another movie[:P]
  • Sat simply and stared at the wall.
  • Listened to a few songs which I recently downloaded using my "suddenly-OMG-turbocharged" Limewire.
  • Ate extremely exquisite food in the past two days.

And that is why I start off about the past two days. The rest later, after some time. At the most this farce will continue till december 22nd.

Sunday the 1oth of december, 2006

Woke up late after a long time. Man, it sure did feel great to get the pleasure of getting up late after more than two weeks. I woke up and applied oil to my hair. Something which I usually don't do. After a nice warm bath (which I took time taking), I settled down to check how much "THe godfather" had finished downloading. 100 %. Excellent news. That meant I had another movie to watch!! Then my dad asked " Patti aathukku polama da?? Or is your highness busy??"
I, also equally sarcastic, replied" Hmmm...let me see...." and let it hang. Thus it started. The trip to my grandmother's house. I took my pen drive which had a few songs in it with me. After all the his and how-are - yous and the much awaited grandson-grandpa talk, I was invited to play cricket by my cousins.

The wily critters had half-early exams the next day. But that did not stop them from playing. Neither did they allow their mom and dad stop them. The game was called " INDOOR SPONGE BALL CRICKET". Little did I know that they were masters of this very little known game. However, Neophite's serendipity (for everyone except the dictionary nithya....this means beginner's luck) was by my side. First match saw me score a mammoth 78 with 5 sixes and 12 fours. the boundary was just 25 feet away from me. Nevertheless, That was the high score. I won the first match. I was beginning to feel at home with this. It all came crashing down. I just won another match after that. The rest either of the two won. tut tut!!. If you think I suck at it, you try playing with them.

That evening somehow my mom and her sister thought of cooking up something special for all of us. Cool. They finally settled on, or were made to settle on, fried rice and pulao. It was then that the two guys started to study and I indulged myself in some music and preparing the project report. After some time dinner was served. Delightful affair! my dad also decided to chip in. he made wonderful "thavala vadai"...You wanna know more ask him, not me! After that dinner I thought I could never be more sated after a meal. I was wrong, wasn't I?...Yea, I was. After watching th arsenal and chelsea match, I was happy it ended in a draw and grabbed some shut eye

Monday the 11th of December, 2006

The day dawned. A momentous day in the offing. The 23rd wedding anniversary of my mom and dad. I was made to get up really early. I mean really early. 5 AM. We were supposed to go to "then thirupathi". We started our journey by 5 30 AM. We reached there after a long ride peppered with talks about " All these years". I love these talks. Finally I was about to meet THE ONE. The only person whose existence I refuse to believe. Wait. Refuse is a tad strong. I'd rephrase that "The only person whose existence I choose not to believe." This time we were within one and a half meters of Him. I could not stop myself from being awed by the elaborate decorations. Faith is costly! He seemed to radiate such power. "It was a good darshan. Not every day do you get to see Him at this distance" said my mom. After that and a good long talk with our friend who worked there, we were about to leave. The gentleman asked if we could drop his daughter off at gandhipuram. From what he said we gathered she was in psg arts doing her second year. I dunno why brahmin girls seem to be so beautiful. She was nice company too. After dropping her off, we went to one of my favorite places in coimbatore--> ALANKAR GRANDE for the anniversary breakfast! It was a buffet. I was wearing black trousers and white slacks that day. So it was not unimaginable to be mistaken for a waiter. It happened when I went for my third serving. I piled up two slices of bread on my plate and two blobs of different flavoured jam on the little plate. Suddenly a cute northy girl walked up and asked,"Can you give me two slices too??". I stopped myself from laughing just in time to answer,"Well, I could, but unfortunately I'm not the waiter". She was flushed and muttered a few hurried sorries before leaving. Another old lady(Think it was her mom) came up and asked me where the plates were. I saved her the embarrassment and showed her the way.

After that fiasco, I went and narrated it to my mom who burst laughing. So much for the elegant white shirt! After some chit chat and a lot of eating, including a few new stuff my dad gave me, we were through. This is what I had.

  • Two slices of French toast
  • 4 pieces of omelette
  • Three slices of bread-->one each with honey, mixed jam, and orange marmalade
  • A single podi dosa
  • A cube of butter
  • A few pieces of papaya
  • And a sip of grape essence
That was how hungry we were. Then we came home and I finished my report on the project. Then we all had a nice long chat with my brother in USA. He had waited up till 1 30 AM (for him) just to wish mom and dad. Great guy!!Mom and dad cooked up the lunch which was also special because it was typically south indian and was liked by all of us. On the menu was "Keerai koottu, All veggie sambar, And appalams".

While that was getting ready, I called up my good friend and sister(Sob Sob...senti..:P)Niveditha to wish her on her birthday. The lazy girl had woken up at 11 30 AM for crying out loud. Her dad was on the way there. She had felt lonely for the past few days, it seems. Poor thing!!! So I hung up after some time assured of a treat on or after December 22!! Then at 3 we again went out to my granny's for their aashirwad on the Marriage day. After that and kicking the opponent's ass a long way, in stage 11 of WORMS FORT WORLD WAR on my cousin sisters W550 i, we returned home. On the way we got a few sweets to distribute to colleagues and other people.

Evening somehow got hectic. I suddenly got to know that the report had to have a bona fide page. I hadn't done that. And I hadn't taken a print out. So I went out, did all the necessary stuff then marveled at how the snapshots had turned out.I made a makeshift game manual from it. I turned out pretty well. I tried out the game with the new cheat codes and it worked like a charm!!. I called it quits for the day at 10 and turned in.

Nice day it turned out to be. It would be fun if the entire world were a family. everyday would be someone's birthday or wedding day. But naah. That would be too monotonous and what's the fun in that? What makes these days special is that they come but once a year. 23 years of marriage gone by like dust a wind(I'm listening to Scorpions' Dust in the wind now). But this dust somehow has etched itself on the stones. 18 years have breezed by after being born, and she faces her first semester!!. Man i can't wait for march 20!!. Life does rock, doesn't it???

I leave you with these words of Scorpions resounding in my head.

Dust In The Wind

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone.
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity.
Dust in the Wind.
All they are is dust in the wind.

Same old song.
Just a drop of water in an endless sea.
All we do crumbles to the ground.
Though we refuse to see.
Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.

Now don't hang on, nothing lasts forever except the earth and sky.
It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy.
Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.
Dust in the wind.
Everything is dust in the wind.
In the wind.

Dec 1, 2006

Two extremities

All of a sudden one thursday evening I took the dictionary to look up a word "FURLONG" I knew it had something to do with distances. But was not sure how much it measured. Obviously you people are thinking why suddenly "FURLONG???". This guy has got his brain screwed up by micronano waves from the distant planet of zork or what???. NOPE. ...FLASHBACK!!!!

Standing in S11 having no place to rest on, I was compressed from all sides. I did not have to catch hold of anything because there was no place to fall even! Just then a guy with a drum in his hand came in. He just made way for himself and got a seat too. Imagine my plight. Standing all the way from Peelamedu. Then the guy started asking directions for some community hall. All of a sudden another guy talks. Let me describe this guy first. Unshaven , ruffled up hair, with a stained shirt and lungi!!. The guy said in tamil "It is just a furlong or two from the edayarpalayam stop.!!

I was stunned for a second. Thats when I realised that people had knowledge but did not have the means to expose it. I don't have any idea how he gotta know that word! But it finally made me know the meaning of a word i thought was long extinct. But then there was this exact opposite guy. The word he used "ASSAULT". And the usage---> Makes-me-hit-myself-on-the-head-with-a-shit-covered-moth-eaten-piece-of-cloth inappropriate. Why do they have to assault that word!!!!! Such people are the unfortunate ones I realised. The ones who have not been given the facilities to prove their mettle in such areas. But then another thought nagged at me. Isn't it also true that it is they themselves who choose to be the way they are??Are'nt they the ones who know they are wrong but take no effort to correct themselves???

There are some people lazy enough in this world not to choose their own destiny and just lie down letting the stream carry them along. No aim, goalless, drifting, hitting the bum on the occasional bump and later letting the stream soothe it as they are lazy enough not to do so. Such people I detest. I would like to mention that it is not the people who do not opportunity yet have the desire. It is those who just live because they are born that I loathe. Evidende: Near railway station there is a bus stop. All sorts of mendicants in all sorts of poses and varying degrees of filth can be seen. I can't help but pity them but there is a certain degree of anger mingled in that pity.They are created with six senses but I found them eating along with a pig. I was moved, by anger and shame. Shame on the human race for letting this happen.

As Led Zeppelin says." And a new day will dawn for those who stand long and the forests will echo with laughter!". At the same I have found that I have become "Comfortably Numb."


Nov 25, 2006

Retrospective Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not exactly a tag but I felt like I wanted to do this one....

**********Vital stats**********
Sharanyan.R (with a 'h' next to 's' and an 'n' in the end ... :|)
Age: 18 when it is march next year
Gender : The stress on the 'n' oughta be enough clue.
Date of birth : 20...I scored on my birthday..he he
Nationality : Indian
Height: I don't know it in feet...But it's 178 cms
Eyes : brown
Hair – color n style : Black. I have only hair. NO style.
Zodiac : Pisces..(actually on the border...the blogger shows me as aries)

**********Ever done that before?************
Lied : I'm human remember???
Cheated on a test : Again I'm an 18 year old guy remember??
Broken the law: I'm not a superhero (unless you count Captain underpants!!!)....SO the answer is yes....
Ran away from school: muhahahhaha...Neofusion...Brainstrain...Blitzkreig...
Ran away from home: :O.....No other place to go...
Had a medical emergency: Yes
Been at the centre of havoc: He he....mostly it is the place I am in...
Been the centre of havoc: Yeah baby!!!

Actor/actress : Tom hanks, Emma watson, Jennifer connelly, Natalie portman, Jessica alba.
Animal : Golden retriever and a saint bernard and a bengal tiger.
Attire: Anything casual and easy to put on.
Biscuit : Pure magic!!!
Book : Read previous tag.
Chocolate : Those home made chocolates from ooty with mint in them and the ones with fudge..
Color: Black,White,Red and Blue
Dance : Main aisa kyoon hoon and the moonwalk
Drink: Water, The honey with lemon thing, Coffee!!
En famille : In my family??? Everything about it!!!
Friends: Loads of em. Thanks for your time everyone!!!(One question in this post made me type this!!)
Fruit : Every single one of them
Food : Refer previous post again!!
Font : Wingdings!!! And the Iambic pentameter
Game: Minesweeper, The Et and me are making, Pen touch(we played till 200 points once!!!Cha...i miss that game), The fist game!!!
Hang-out: Refer previous post again!!!
Item number: I hate item numbers.
Kissan mixed fruit and home made marmalade.
Ketchup: Not a lot!!
Magazine: Autocar, Topgear, Sportstar, COmic magazines if any!!!
Brand of gum : Fevicol!!! lol..Ok I love the gumballs...The ones you see on tom and jerry ...One when I was five I had the fortune of meeting two americans who gave them to me!!)
Sports :Calvinball, Basketball, Football, Pool!!
Shows: Previous post please!!
Sound : The one a bagpiper makes!!and the sound that comes when different people laugh!!!|Some are very musical and some are downright funny!!!
Smell: Something cooking when you are hungry.
Soundtrack : Four lines above!!!
Movie : ditto!!!!
Number: 5( Dunno why!!)
Weekend thingy : Getting up a bit later than other days and lazing around listening to music, catching up on movies, Chatting with friends,...ETC
Weekday thingy : Same stuff!!!except the getting up late part!!

****************Do you believe in……****************
Second chances:
yes....Of course
Love at first sight: Not yet!!!..he he keeping my options open!!
God: I'm agnostic..NOt the screwed up version though. I just need that cementing evidence to push me over to the believers!!!
Ghosts: Nope.
Aliens: Seeing is believing in this case.
Heaven: Life here on Earth.
Hell: Same shit!
Horoscopes: Never!!!!
Miracles: Not yet!!!
Reincarnation : Maybe!!
Others: Yes....I do!!
Yourself: What kind of a stupid question is this!!

************Better one..??**************
TV or radio :
Tv..Coz I have not been exposed of much of radio.
Go on a walk or watch tv: Walk with some body near me.
Books or movies :Changes with mood.
Chocolate or vanilla: Choco vanilla.
Coke or Pepsi: Dude..You wanna kill me??
Pepsi or Mirinda: Mirinda!!
Mirinda or 7 up :Both!!
Indian or Chinese : Indian (it's the cuisine right ?? )
Deaf or blind: Blind....I luv music!!!
Tall or short: 6 foot!!
Nike, Reebok or Adidas: NIKE!!!!
Car- AC or open windows: open windows
Pencil or pen : Pencil of course!!
Motorbike or bicycle : bicycle anytime!!
The beach or hills: Silent misty hills...Probably sometime later in my life you know how!!!
Overtly rich n unhappy or overtly poor n happy:…I just wanna live like I have always done!!!
***************The last time you… *****************
Had a crush:
Felt proud of urself: Yeah......When one of my friends said he/she was glad to have met me!!and when I won cash !!!(that's a first!!)
Cried: Date : Don't remember Time : Dunno Venue :Home Reason : I saw The green mile!!!
Got snail mail: I think last month.
Got an email: 55 minutes back!!


Is the best thing that’s happened to mankind: He knew how to cook!!!
Is the worst thing that’s happened to mankind: What if adam and eve had not bit the apple???he he
Is your most prized possession: My life!!
Is the worst feeling in the world: Being unwanted.
Is the best feeling in the world: To be missed by someone.
Do you prefer wearing to bed: Casual stuff
Is the worst song you’ve ever heard: All tamil kutthu songs..(yuck!!)
Was the last thing you thought when you went to bed last nite: "I gotta write a song sumtime."
Was the first thing you thought when you got up this morning: "Why 6.00 Am MOM????"
Is On your table: Pen drive , pencil, Stic pen, The godfather, A notebook.
Is On the walls in your room: My bro's painting( :) ), A few clocks, A scenic painting and a few cobwebs.
Is under your bed: Haven't checked. But SOmething under the bed is drooling..Ha ha..have you read this Nithya???
Are you wearing now: A jean and a tshirt and underwear :P
Are you listening to: Mommy I'm coming home By the ozzman!!!..For crying out loud!!!The shrey effect!!!
Disturbs you the most: Pretentiousness
*************Who ..*******************
Do you look up to for advice:
Anybody I love! And anybody who can advise well!!
Is your biggest crush as of now: Emma watson!!
Has had a lasting impression on you for the longest: Bill waterson. And of course Hitler
Made you take a second look at your life: The Jigsaw killer!!
Has it easier, males or females: Neither.

*************** Do you*****************
Like to drive:
of course...
Like to talk on the fone: Stupid question. I like it as much as i love lollypops.
Get along with your parents: Er...Is this question meant to be this stupid???
Get motion sickness: No way...
Get allergies: Not yet....
Type with the right fingers on the keys:No way!!!!!!
Sleep with a stuffed animal: :|.....I'm 18..And a guy...
Brush you teeth before you sleep: Hell no!!!!
Like to dance: Haven't found the right partner yet!!!
Consider yourself a good listener: Yes....

Today was your last day alive, what would you do:
Funny you should ask this because just today morning I thought the same stuff!!!. First I would write a will bequeathing all my stuff to the people I love. Then I would write stuff for each and every special one in my life..meaning my friends, parents..ETC...Then fall in love if possible....Listen to all the songs in my computer....Visit switzerland......Have a steam bath and a sauna massage!!.....Hog like hell!!!(as usual!!)...The first kiss!!....Try a dunk!!....Shout like mad.....Hug all my friends...Post silly comments to other people's blogs...visit my brother's university with him....Change my orkut photo every minute.....Take a photo with every one I have met so far. And finally listen to a few soothing songs...Talk to my dad and mom for a lot of time then finally....Let go!!!

All this is possible if time is slowed down so I would also invent a time machine!!!

And this made me answer what I answered for a question above!!!

You could be a gardening tool, what would you be: A bucket!!!
You could have a tattoo, where n what would it be: A Nike tick on my forehead!!!
You could have any job you wanted, it would be: Comic strip artist "Calvin and hobbes"
You could have any car you wanted, what type: Murcielago!!!
You were given a million dollars, what would you do: Upgrade my comp to kick some serious ass!! Give most of it to my parents because they know what to do!! Then treat all my friends..Then watch every good movie there is..Buy all the Calvin and hobbes books and LOTR books..Get me a life time unlimited phone connection..:P
You were President: I would resign.
You were the Prime Minister: I would resign again.

Well that was Fun..Yeah that was. Thanks to Nithya for this. Cia!!!Hope you had fun reading like I had typing this.

Life rocks!!

Er...You know what this is...

Taging is picking up all around me and I must keep up lest I get pulled along in the current. Nithya who somehow finds time enough to do stuff like this happened to have tagged me.

1.The best thing to do - Varies with time. But mostly listening to a very soothing song(like " a drop in the sea ") and then the next song being "rape with ppl i luv....

2.The best gift -

that i gave is - Not the best but I think it meant a lot...The "A walk to remember CD"....poorly

that i received- Can't choose....every little thing is the best.

3.The best thing I've ever heard - When people call me by my exact name..:| not sharanya or whatever.....I love it when they go sharaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..(My mom......he he)

4.The best thing I've said - The most hilarious is varun's place...I asked by slip of tongue.."De can you take place??" instead of "take part"..ROFL..

The best is whenever I had to be there for someone(:-??)....

5.The best thing that happened to me - BOrn as the present me!!(there's a story behind this. Ask if you want!!)

6.The best person I've met - Everyone is unique. There is not any "best" person in this world.

7.The best friend- Ryan.A.Nash...

8.The best moment - Lots of 'em

9.The best book - LOTR, Seventh secret, CALVIN and HOBBES, Garfield,.....

10.The best blog - blogs - Anything which means a lot or makes me crack up...For example the mail forward thing on smrithi's blog and nithya's Es ist mich and Shrey's squish bang splat....

11.The best place - Home sweet home!!!

12.The best food - Anything which makes my tongue work!!

13.The best song (s) - Drop in the sea, Kadhal rojave, Anbae sivam, Comfortably numb, stairway to heaven, Smells like teen spirit, Hallowed be thy name, Behind blue eyes, In the end, Better than me...ETC

14.The best hangout - Any of my friend's places....not to mention ARC....and barista....

15.The best eatout - If you mean highway eatout.....definitely ARc and all dosa points....

16.The best hobby - Er...Music!!! Books!! Blogging(yea!!) Then playing!!!

17.The best TV show ever - All old cartoon shows. All new stuff suck! F.R.I.E.N.D.S(forever!!) Joey Show...Full house sux!!!

18.The best manager - Sir Alex Ferguson.

19.The best musician - Depends on the field..

20.The best gang - The present one.....Sai baba colony gang!!!...including many from other places!!!)

21.The best drink - HOt lemon syrup diluted and with a pinch of honey. Try it!!

22.The best quote - "Maximus Decimus Meridius...Commander of the legions of the north....Father to a murdered son...Husband to a murdered wife...And I will have my revenge in this life or the next.."

23.The best woman - Mommy!!1

24.The best kid (S) - Ben(from friends) and calvin!!

25.The best poem (er..plural form please !) -

Charge of the light brigade
The angel and her star (One of my friends')
Hallowed Be thy name( A song :P)
And I'm sorry if it is considered boasting but...Had a Bad day by me..

26.The best dancer - Vijaykanth when the sound is muted..ROFL

27.The best movie - Any movie which is sensible ,(I.E. tom hanks style) has no semi nude dances and kutthu songs....And a totally unbelievable or moving end....

28.The best actor - Tom Hanks...Cheerio!!!

29.The best vehicle - My cycle!!!

30.The best scene in a movie - True love's first kiss.....Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
When A guy blasts a shotgun core through the other guy's forehead...he he....

This kind of stuff really make you think of stuff what you may have never even thought of thinking about. I find it really bugging to fill these tags but somehow in the end I get the pleasure of finishing it.

The end!!!

Nov 20, 2006


Relax people. I'm NOT posting something about janice!!. Lots of moments warrant an "Oh my God" and lots have happened lately. So I was just wondering why not post it? So here goes the top three Oh my God events that I have come across in the past three months or so. This can also be taken as a tag!(anybody who reads this!!)

I keep it to three because I can't type that much!!

#3: 20 Seconds to fame!

(always reverse order keeps up the suspense!!) Three years he followed her. Then he got acquainted. And how much did the talk last?? 1 hr?NO. 30 minutes? NO. 10 atleast?? NO. Man this is pathetic 5 at least?? NOPE. Then how much??.....The answer is 20...SECONDS not minutes. OH my GOD. 20 seconds was all the time he could talk to her to. Phew. I can't even pee in that time!!.. Well but then he has developed after that. Good to hear. Phew.

#2: Situation Situation Situation!!

Remember one of those times when somebody says something really good but it turns out bad because it is said in the wrong situation and interpreted wrongly?
Well that makes the subject of our #2 event. This involves two of my best friends in college. Shri hari (ET) and niveditha (ducky!!). It was the fifth hour of 10/10/2006. I still remember the date because I use it to tease Et a bit now and then. Lol! Yeah . A few seniors were standing out and rudely bird watching our class girls. How mean! Our class girls asked us to close the door. Did we?...Naaah forget it! So they closed it themselves. But ET went and opened it in the excuse of drinking water. And came back. The girls asked again but we did not budge. A tall guy outside was particularly looking at ducky here so she asked ET,"Hottie i love You .Please close the door!!!!". That's the nickname she's kept him. Imagine someone saying what she said and someone else who is unaware of the circumstances which led to this. That was the case of a lot of people whp heard that!1 The result. Laugh riot!! Et was blushing. she tried making up by saying that
she loved everyone and stuff but nah. Said is said. 'nuff said. As shrey says.

#1.5: The Wacky proposal!!

Though there is no 1.5 in the list of integers, I could not restrain myself from adding this. And this one does not match the OHMYGODLINESS of the first one. So Here goes No. 1.5.

A guy proposes to a girl. It is supposed to be romantic with sweet words exchanged and all that blah blah. I had the opportunity to come across one which the guy started by saying " How are you?" and the girl ended up laughing about it!! Remember the tall guy in #2?? The duck watching guy?? Now when I left class for three days I could see him wherever we were. I just thought it was a coincidence and let it pass. One other day , the time before lunch too me ,ET, and brindha saw him. Brindha pointed him out to us. We just stayed behind to see what was happening. The guy searched here and there and finally went. We were puzzled.Next day dawned.

Ed hour before lunch is just over. the guy is outside. Our beloved ducky goes outside.......
Baldy: Hi
Baldy:I'm talkin to you only.
Ducky: Oh hi.
Baldy: How are you?(they don't know each other. remember that)
Ducky:Why are you folllowing me??
Baldy:Listen.....(shifts awkward pose) I love you!!(?!?!?!?!)
Ducky:(bursts into a fit of laughter)(poor guy!!)I already have a boyfriend!!(As if!!)
Baldy:oh ok.(tragic war hero look!!!)
Man that was awesome. The guy was more than six feet tall. She was just two third his height. I don't know how he chose her. But thanks to him we have our No. 1.5 event!!!


#1:You Dare me!!!

Shivram,my pal, a really daring guy who speaks what comes to his mouth. Free going guy and loves to have fun. One day after school reunion (Past Vs present or whatever) at Stanes he and a fellow 12th grader went to Nilgiris to munch some stuff. This guy Shivram doesn't know any of his 11th standard guys ok?..Yeah. Now they are at a table eating stuff and sipping their juice when a cute girl comes up to him.
G:You look cute!!
SHIV: Thanks.
G:You look like a gangster with those two buttons open.Really cute!
SHiv:Thanks again!
G:Ok I gotta go.(she starts to leave)
Shiv: (Calls her)Hey..will you marry me???
Nilgiris. Lots of people watching over. Her heart stopped a beat. Her friends were staring.
G: Er....actually it was a dare by friends over there. They asked me to do this stuff. I'm actually doing 11th in stanes.
Shiv:Why me?? Why not your immediate senior??
G:actually I had a crush on you when you were in school!(blushes)
Shiv:Then why did you not tell me??I may have gotten another girl after I joined college. SO why??
G:I don't know.
Shiv: So will you marry me??
G:(thinks fast).Ok I will if you get me a diamond necklace.
Shiv:Ok I will. So marry me.
G:You did not get me a necklace yet. So I won't marry you!
Shiv:(ha ha) I said I'll get you one if you marry me not if you say you'll marry me.
G:Ok I'll think about it.
Shiv:Ok you think about it and by the way get my number we will get together and if it works out let us see.
G:ok my friends are waiting I gotta go.
Shiv:(she walks a bit)..hey..(she turns)....muahh(flying kiss.)...all her friends stare.....

This guy doesn't even know her. But did all he did because she was cute.OH MY GOD!!

Life is great!!

Nov 16, 2006

Mercury rising!

The NSA has developed what they believe is an unbreakable code which they call MERCURY. Now they ran a test to see if anyone can decipher the code by putting it in a puzzle magazine. Now Simon Lynch, an autistic boy who has an affinity for puzzles sees it and deciphers it and calls the NSA. Concerned the men in charge call their boss Kudrow and inform of what happened. Kudrow worried what might happen if this gets out orders that Simon be terminated. The man he sends kills his parents but is unable to find Simon and leaves when the police arrive. The police call the FBI to send someone to take a report of Simon who is missing and the man they send Art Jeffries is not exactly in good standing with the FBI because of an incident that occurred recently and is also not exactly OK because of the incident. Art finds Simon, who was hiding and takes him to the hospital. While there, the assassin takes another try but Art saves Simon and they go on the run..........

If you think that's what this is about, I bet my ass you're wrong! That may be the title of the original movie but what this post is about is an episode in a real person's life- a person under attack by millions of tiny troops who call themselves ...........THE VIRUSES.

Ok, enough suspense[:P]....I had a fever. That's it!! As it goes, when a viral fever occurs ,one is not allowed to watch Tv or exert himself. That's why I found myself sleeping the entire day. Not exactly sleeping. Just lying down wondering what to do. This time I achieved my personal best. A highest of 103.5 degrees!!. That IS hot!!! lol.

Reduced to eating bread and kanji(It ain't that bad!!), I mentally cursed the guy who said once "STUFF A COLD AND STARVE A FEVER". Thank heavens I had my book with me. At least I could read about the fictional life of the Godfather. But now the fever has gone. Only the cold remains. Now I won't curse that guy!!!

Past two days I took leave to college, and before that lots of interesting stuff happened which will make our topic of discussion in my next post which will be hitting this very same page in one or two days. My fingers itch to type in that too. But as I'm convalescing I'd better take rest. Watch out for the next post people!!!

Nov 12, 2006

In the not so distant past!

Here I go. My first post in Beta Blogger. I Don't find any difference between the two. Atleast not anything significant. First the text i type looks good to look at. Other features I haven't checked out yet. There has got to be something good or it would not have been designed as beta. Ok! Forget that. Now the past week has really been good for me. Though it involved the 'hell of a day', I should say this has been a week for the good. That day was also not bad as I mentioned.

Five reasons why I called this week good:

#1: First I realised that life is not a bed of roses(Blah blah..Forgive me!). As Tom hanks says "Life's like a box of chocolates.You never know what you get". That day made me better than what I was. I started looking a lot more towards the positive side of things.

#2: My skills at basketball were getting better and better. I could shoot three ps greater accuracy and also fine tuned a lay-up. Tried a few fakes. Sweated like a pig int he process though only to end up in bed after a nice refreshing bath.

#3: All these three months I was doing my physics practicals alone as I was the odd one in my batch(In numbers!!). But then our permanent roll numbers came out and then to people from the previous batch came to ours. So two people had to be reshuffled. As a result I got a partner. Trust me. It is a pain to do experiments alone. But now I got a partner, Niveditha. Her antics are really funny. At least this is better than having no partner.

#4: LAN was at last by my side. I got a lot of basketball videos transferred from my friend. Awesome time pass. I saw a few movies too. And downloaded songs. Soothing! Got introduced to Shrey's realm by the one and only Shrey himself. It's kinda funny but at the same time lots of songs are really meaningful.

#5: My dad got me a digicam! Sony cybershot 6 MP. 6X total zoom. Achtung baby! Yeah . That's about it. Awesome week. Now I know why some weeks are good and some are bad. That's when we learn to differentiate between them and appreciate their effect on us.

These are great days !

Nov 5, 2006

Tagged again!!

Now tagging sure is fun when all tags are like this. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed typing it....Don't stop here. There is another post after this!

Five people on my shit list:

* The guy who stole my pen!! :X
* Back-stabbers
* Simbu
* Teachers who have a soft corner for girls. Man I'd like to give em a wedgie!
* And Moe. The class bully of calvin and hobbes!!

Close brushes with death/danger:

* When I was 6 0r 7 at kumbakara falls. One slip and i would have fallen into the vortex if my dad had not caught me.
Nothing else I guess. Wish there were more. I want to be near a volcano when it erupts and spend a day with a bengal tiger!

Five preferable modes of suicide:
he he...a great q..

* Stuff noodles down your throat till you gag!!(at least you enjoy till you die!!)
* See kolangal!!(but its torture!!)
* See captain's movies-->They are so hilarious you die after your intestines pop out of your mouth due to intense laughter!!
* Finding a girl like janice!!!!
* Find some one like the jigsaw killer who thinks better than me at this stuff!!

Five guilty pleasures:

Guilty???Hmmm....Nothing classifies as guilty I guess except calling people, I hate,names!

Five things you never want to forget:

* School life
* Potty manners!
* E=mc squared!!
* This life when i die
* And the password to this blog!!

Five loves of your life:

* ♥
* ♥
* ♥
* ♥
* ♥
there you have it...five loves!!!

Strangest Dream:
Lots of them..To mention one My family were a bunch of superheroes saving a tourist bus!!!!...Trust me my dad has had weirder ones!!

Five most valued possessions:

* My computer
* This blog page[:)]
* My family[Don't get too senti[:P]]
* My wit(er...)
* And this life

Five favorite superheroes:

* Batman- Fear is not a factor for him(see batman begins please!!!)
* Stupendous man!!!
* Captain underpants and lieutenant loincloth!!( Actually they are superheroes in the making. Mine and et's making!!!)
* The justice league(it is a league as it says)
* The autobots(see transformers armada!! Man, did I luv that cartoon)

Those were great days eh????

One " hell " of a day

Now have you ever complained about every single lousy thing that happened one day in your life even if it happened amidst a lot of better stuff? Trust me I have and now i know I should not have done so! This true life incident has made me appreciate how much deep shit stinks.Read on......

Friday the 3rd of November 2006. As usual I wake up at 6 once and at 6 30 again. That's when I realize I have only 45 minutes to get ready for college. Damn it! But it is already 6 45 when I realize that so there are just 30 minutes left. Some how with stupendous speed( yea I read calvin and hobbes!!) I get ready in time. With stupendous accuracy I put on my socks only to get a tinge of the feeling that some " stuff" wants to come out of me. There you have it. Five minutes late to the bus stop, I was. But already two buses had gone through, and along with them also my hopes of getting to sit all the way to college. Thank God, my friend Surya (who was just two minutes late) had also missed the bus!! I looked up and was thankful for the weather being so cool and I almost started to think what a beautiful day this is!! I thought a lil too soon. It was 7 40 when this started.

30 minutes later.

Man this sucks

And a whole lot of other things also came out of my mouth too. All these days you see buses whiz past when you don't need them. Now when class starts at 8 30 not a single one shows up. Not a single frigging one!! Desperation drove us to take a bus to the main road. Then a tiny ray of light shone down upon us. A direct bus to my college was coming and it was empty. Thanking my lucky stars I almost got on the bus. Then I thanked my lucky stars that I did not get on the bus. Phew!! TOo close for comfort. It was a ladies bus for Christ's sake. Some how we got to the bus terminal and there too not a single bus to my college!! I almost shouted joey style "Why God Why did you do this to me??" Somehow I think the bus driver heard my plea for help(Coz I don''t think God can hear it!!) and he rushed to the stop.

I was just 25 minutes late. It was my luck that the teacher turned out to be thoughtful and gave me attendance. That was only the beginning to the day. The rest of the day was as boring as looking at clock tick. Then EG(engg graphics) hour came.My face assumed its usual Life-does-not-treat-me-well kinda look. To make it even worse it was theory. I enjoyed drawing at least a bit. But time came to my aid and the theory class was over in a bit. Imagine sitting in a class where the teacher's response to every question is" There is no logic in your question"!! And I think you would all agree that only a moron with no originality will use the word prerequisite for each alternate sentence. Now you understand why we think what we think about EG??

Drawing was fun. It was this entire new stuff about solids and I had a great time. Yea once again reality hit me directly in my face. A doubt popped in my head and I dunno what made me ask the teacher the question.

Me: "Sir in this diagram is it ok if the elevation overlaps the original diagram??"
Sir: No it is not. It should be separate.
Me: Sir but you drew it like that on the board.
Sir: A good planning is a prerequisite (there we go again!) for a precise diagram. Re draw it.
Me: (No answer)
Instead I turned around and vented my anger to my friend and we ended up having a great time after all!!Once again I was hit square in the face by another misfortune.
Before I go into it I'd like to modify the saying

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." TO:

"Don't look a camel anywhere coz both ends look alike". Anybody who've tried to smell it please tell me.

As it turned out they started collecting the previous assignment. I was for once satisfied because I had finished it way earlier. To my sheer frustration I found out that my friend, whom I'd given the sheet to, had forgotten to bring it. Yep that's right. But the people who collected it were kind enough to let me off and they asked me to submit the next day without the teacher's knowledge!! hats off to 'em!! All shit should also come to an end. And so it did.

I've learnt a lot from this day :

Moral 1: Don't burn buses. They take revenge.
Moral 2: If you do burn them, burn them really well. Because they deserve it.
Moral 3: Screw the government transport service for not being punctual.
Moral 4: Don't blame everything on others! If I had gone early this would not have taken place!
Moral 5: Time is precious. You waste 5 minutes and it makes you wish you hadn't.
Moral 6: Treat life well.
Moral 7: Universal law of occurrence of horse shit:
"Everything cannot go wrong at the same time.If something goes wrong then other stuff should wait for it to become right." (In my case EG waited!!}
Moral 8: Don't ever think "Life sucks". Look at this post every time you think your day sucked.
Moral 9: Share your shitty days( and good days of course, I don't need to mention that) so that others may feel theirs was not bad after all!!
Moral 10: All is well that ends well.

I know I won't get a chance to relive Friday the 3rd of November 2006. And now that I think of it I don't need another chance because, life is what you live by instinct and it is not meant to be how you want it to be. It would be hell of a lot better if one learns to love it the way it is rather than wanting it to be the way he loves it.

Nov 2, 2006

I was tagged!!!!

Remember one of those days when you are sitting jobless staring either at the ceiling or at the monitor?? NOPE?? Then I guess yo are not normal! Nithya, a good friend of mine who is also as normal as they come(normal as given above!! :D), supposedly TAGGED me. Guess what a tag is? I was doing he same. We should respect the requests of a co-blogger and do as necessary when tagged. Thus says rule no. 786 in the blogger code of conduct. Er, actually I made that up. So favorite songs eh?? Here goes.

My top five most heard songs of the week:

1.Lips of an angel- Hinder
2.Behind blue eyes- limp bizkit
3.Better than me- Hinder
4.Pain- Three days grace
5.Paartha mudhal- Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu(one tamil song!!yay!!)

Top Five Feel Good/Cheer me up/Anti Depressant Songs that I can think of:

1.Lips of an angel- Hinder(again!!)
2.Stairway to heaven- Led zeppelin
3.In the end- Linkin park
4.Comfortably numb- Pink floyd
5.Bouleard of broken dreams- Green day

Top Five feel like shit/Life sucks/Ultra-Depressing songs :

1.All Beyonce songs.
2.All christina aguilera songs.
3.Most tamil "kutthu" songs.
4.Kolangal track....yuck!!
5.Sean paul- Temperature

Top five most Romantic Songs that I can think of :

1.Pachai nirame- alaipayuthe
2.Look into my eyes- Brian adams
3.Better then me- Hinder
4.When you say nothing at all- Ronan keating
5.Paartha mudhal- Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu

All time favs :

1.Larger than life- BSB
2.Addicted- Enrique
3.Everybody- BSB
4.Sacrifice- Creed
5.Aicha- Outlandish
6.Heal the world- MJ
7.Jam- MJ
8.Didi- Khaled
9.Hallowed be thy name- Cradle of filth & Iron maiden(Ok shrey??)
10.Comfortably numb- Pink floyd
11.Stairway To heaven- Led zeppelin
12.Kashmir- Led zeppelin
13.Writing on the wall- Pink floyd
14.Lips of an angel- HInder
15.Behind blue eyes- Limp bizkit
16.Home sweet home- Limp bizkit
17.BOulevard of broken dreams- Green day
18.Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
19.In the end- Linkin park
20.Numb- Linkin park
21.Breaking the habit- Linkin park
22.Be yourself- Audioslave
23.Yesterday to tomorrow- Audioslave
24.I'll be there for you- Friends theme
25.Everything burns- Ben moody ft anastacia
26.The reason- Hoobastank
27.Tainted love- The ramones
28.Pieces- Sum41
29.Aadat- Jal
30.Woh lamhey- Jal
31.Anbe sivam- Anbe sivam
32.Edho onru- Lesa lesa
33.Paartha mudhal- Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu
34.Lose yourself- Eminem
35.Mockingbird- Eminem
36.Sing for the moment- Eminem
37.When I'm gone- Eminem
38.Wonderwall- Oasis
39.Californictaion- RHCP
40.Beep- PCD
41.Afterglow- INXS
42.Better than me- Hinder
43.Zombie- CRanberries(AWESOMEST!!)
44.Jalak diklaja!!-Hinesh reshammiya
45.Yeh kya hua- er whats the movie??
46.Clocks- Coldplay
47.Yellow- Coldplay
48.Stayin alive- Beegees
49.Speed of sound- Coldplay
50.Ma tujhe salaam- A.R.Rahman

What a way to wrap it up! Try listening to the above list.

Oct 31, 2006

Internals make my internals squirm!

Three days is all it takes to get over. But the feeling you get after it is past and you've done well is one of immense relief. Last minute(not literally) xeroxing(is that a verb?), last minute cramming, the look of a war hero on the face after coming out are all the things associated with a person who is in the "INTERNAL-WEEK". All questions of results apart, the very termination of the internals brings out almoghty sighs of relief from everyone. People in various states of tension, happiness, joy, sorrow, indifference and what not can be seen treading dust. Pens and pencils streak across the paper at speeds never before seen! Frantic hands pick up scales and then realise that their owner forgot to bring a pencil. Improvisation is the need of the day. Pens substitute pencils and make a ghastly drawing ghastlier! The glances of teachers creeping up from behind annoys one to the maximum. It is not as if one is writing a plan to bring down the college or something. Belief is something a teacher can never have, at least not 100%. Internals are hardly treated as something very serious but it does cause jitters however. From the moment the question paper is given till the moment the paper is taken away, it is one boring task. I really get surprised sometimes by some people(not boys!!It's called discretion people!!!) who get extra sheets to write. By extra I mean more than necessary just to write really long answers in a big drawling handwriting. But most often the answer required is a precise one. Thank heavens I did really well in these internals.

One can only wonder what the examiners think of achieving by conducting internals. If it is something different from the externals, it can be understood. But the same pattern is followed which does not make sense to me. Is it just my screwed up mind or is it really a messed up system? I think it is the system.(obviously!!) Innovation keeps a person alive with exuberance. Monotony sucks. That is the blatant truth. My vote is for scrapping the present way of conducting internals and thinking of something better. That is left to them.

Are you pondering what I'm pondering??

Oct 24, 2006

When schumi overtook kimi!!

Funny how the title bears resemblance to the flick "when harry met sally"! Anyone who reads the title should understand what I'm talking about. Otherwise I think I would be totally right in classifying that person under the category of "NERD". Nerdship or nerdliness is guaranteed if someone does not or has not heard about Michael Schumacher. The victory hop on finishing first, the warm hugs to the team on losing, the tantrums thrown after losing due to some one else's mistakes- all these I can remember as though they are just happening right in front of my eyes.

7 titles-that is not any mean feat. But that is not the only thing that matters. The name and fame he brought to the game mattered much more. Not only that. He shut the door on the face of the critics by proving that an F1 driver was not only the machine like being behind the wheel, that there are emotions associated with them, that beneath the helmet is a man like no other. His was no mean feat. Starting tenth, going all the way to 20th then fighting your way back to 4th..Well that may sound like a fairy tale. If that may be called myth then we just have to rewrite the meaning of myth in all dictionaries.

First he overthrew the challenge posted by Mika hakkinen though mika beat him a few times. That was a rivalry to watch. Really sweet!
Then came raikkonen and montoya and ralf. They did not offer much of a resistance but there were a few heart stopping moments. In one such season, I think 2003, he won the title with 5 to 6 races to go in hungary itself. Now that defines a true champion.

He never lost belief in his car, his team or himself. Every race presented him with an opportunity to prove himself which he did gloriously and with panache. The childish jubilance on that mellow pink face and the champagne celebrations after that victory leap will never be forgotten. At least by me. The moment he overtook Kimi I felt as if "Now I've seen it all!!" Wheel to wheel baby!! Now that's racing. There is a difference between a good driver and a good racer. Racing is not always about speed. It demands precision and cunning. Schumacher was an exponent of both. We can only hope Ferrari bring out the same in Kimi.

I don't think I would be wrong in saying that the word "LEGEND" has finally got its meaning.

The rest is silence.

The other side of life

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you'll get." The same way one always fails to be impressed by his treasures till they slip away right under their noses. A call of enlightenment was issued to me. The means it got to me????
YRC notice board!!!! I was one of the few who were enlisted to go on an orphanage visit. It was just one of those YRC camps was what I first thought of it as. I was asked to come to college on a saturdaymorning which was clammy and cold. That too at 7 30. We had to load rations, water and stuff into the bus. Then we got in and the bus started. It was a long ride to the orphanage and a lot of events happened on the way there aboard the bus but those are not worth mentioning in the present context. It might also be construed as my laziness to type!!

Then we ended up at the orphanage which was as secluded as a single hair on a bald guy's head. The camp director asked us to play witht he kids and clean up the place. Me and my pal were totally pissed off hearing that. But we kept our thoughts to ourselves. We were split into batches and our batch was asked to do the hard work. There was this huge mound of who knows what. and the other side of it was shallow. It sounded simple. We had to level the place. It would have been easier if we had been given an automated hauler and a road roller but instead we were given two crowbars and a few shovels. Crawling everywhere were ants(giant ones), bugs of every imaginable kind, Kambli poochi(what's that in english?), pooran(again???) and heaps of weeds which were waiting to be weeded.

They say hard work pays. It did. After an hour of work we smiled at the work we had done. Half the area was as even as even could be. The next batch took over our job and we were left to the presumably easier job of playing with the orphaned kids. When I looked at them, I felt how horrible a person can be. How did they ever have the heart to give away such kids? But viewing it from another perspective, I realised how much better off these kids were here than they could have been with their parents. They were well taken care of. They were allowed to play all they wanted, watch movies, and what not. One guy actually flew. Let me explain that. There is this merry go round over there. The kids just sat down on allt he seats. And asked me to push it. I gave an almighty shove(:)). It spiraled around like a whirlwind. This guy stood up and caught hold of the bars. Due to the centrifugal force that was acting away fromt he centre, as he lifted his legs, they just flew up and he was almost flying. But then he flew totally because his hand slipped and fell down in a heap on the ground. To all of our amazement he just got up , brushed the dirt off, grinned like a four year old who just got a lollipop(he might have been a four year old for all i know!!) and once again started the routine!!
After some time the time for departure came. What started out to be a major pain actually turned out to be a delightful experience. Not entirely delightful because I'd always prefer waking up late and reading a comic to toiling in the mud with creepy crawlies. Nevertheless..............

Then as usual the camp ended with R&R at monkey falls. Reaching PSG tech at 7 30, I looked back to the start of the day. It was not a waste of time after all. I got to cut the programming lab class anyway. As soon as i landed at the college I rushed to RS Puram. The day ended well with a sumptuous treat given by my friend meera on the occasion of her birthday. All is well that ends well they say!!

Life rocks.

Oct 21, 2006

The journey continues..........

So if you people had read my previous post, which obviously is incomplete, you would remember that we are currently in 2001. Imagine on of those flashback thingies you see often in tamil cinemas. So yeah back where it all started. Before starting I would like to state just one thing. "Whatever free time you get, use it to think free. Let your mind wander and reflect on what it stops first. That is exactly what i'm doing now. And been doing all these years." Ok now let's
Yeah so for the next three years it was the same routine. I got truly interested in BSb and then in Bryan adams and then enrique. So another three years rolled on with bits and pieces of here and there. A jigsaw puzzle with the exception that all the pieces did not fit into place. I knew I was missing something. Something in me was nagging at my insides. I kept hearing the name "linking park", "nirvana. etc wherever I went. Then I came to 11th.
2 years ago

It all started on a trip (cutting school yea) to GCT for Brainstrain( one of the interschool fests organised by college people) . A song was running in the background. I asked my pals what it was. One of em said it was "In the end " by linkin park. Man that was cool. Then that introduced me to the mundane world of rock(Remember we are in 2004, Then it was mundane to me).
Time rolls on as it always does.


A milestone year for me. Twelfth standard is usually considered to be one of the most strenuous(my english teacher spelt it STRONEOUS...for cryin out loud!!!) years of school life where tuitions creep in and try to inch their way towards your neck in a style similar to steven speilberg's JAWS except for the fact that the sinister music in the movie(supposedly!!) is replaced by the unrelenting drone and the occasionally not-so-funny joke of the teacher at which it is compulsory to laugh lest you want to be categorized as someone who does not have a sense of humour. Man that was a big sentence. Right!. Now that we had a detour let's round back. In one such tuition I happened to meet and know a few guys who helped me a lot in the years to come in wading through this ocean of rock and roll. One--> the major one Shreyas Krishna-- the caffeine junkie!!! You can read his spill outs here-->
click me!!

Another guy-->shivram- the one who gives me the stuff shreyas tells me about. So that's how I got introduced. From then on it was quite easy to get in the groove. Now here I am. In the presnt. Listening to "lips of an angel" by hinder. One of those new songs which my brother sent me. By that not so popular artist. But the song is awesome. Well thats about it I guess. The journey ends here. Or, to be precise, for the moment it ends here. I'm trying to get more people to witness the glory of rock. All is well that ends well. ciao!!