Feb 26, 2010

Note to self

1. Never fall asleep when you're not ready to.
2. Take off glasses, even if you're just lying down.

- A very bummed and quarter-blind me, who fell asleep unintentionally with spectacles on, and woke up to find the frame broken and bent.

Feb 25, 2010


Earning more in 6 hours in a quiz than by coding for 30 days, isn't something I'll do everyday.

Sachin replacing Anwar at the top, COULD happen everyday but it happened yesterday.

Us getting on the wrong bus going the wrong way, then getting down mid-way, getting a text from Nutty which read "Sachin 198* :)", hurrying to the nearest tea kadai, only to find that they don't get DD there(?!), running to kuppanan tea kadai nearby, swearing at dhoni who hogged the strike, and then, finally, witnessing that skyward look; that doesn't happen everyday either.

Feb 22, 2010


My dear brother uploads his recent trek photos and asks me to take a look. As usual pose kuduthaan, and on one such decent picture I commented, "Adede!" like how saakshaath iyers/iyengars go, on TV "Adede! Srinivasan anna, vaangoo!".

Google translate tools were apparently listening in. I come back to reply to his comment and I saw that "units" was written below "adede".

I find, to my surprise, and pleasure, that "adede" actually means "units" in turkish.

Heh, what are the odds?!

Feb 18, 2010

New York, I love you.

Bar customer to table next to him: I need to visit New York, everyone that visits is always happy. Everyone that lives here in New York is always miserable.

(courtesy Overheardinnewyork)

(Loved the movie too)

Feb 14, 2010


I don't know your name, where you're from, heck, anything about you. Let's do away with all that. Let's not make any plans. Just..walk with me, will you?

Feb 11, 2010


When at wit's end, I see this.

One thing that will always be on my to-do list.

Feb 8, 2010

\m/ usage

Lamb of God in hyderabad, Hell yeah!! \m/ -- Right

I love my dog's pink collar \m/ -- Wrong

Pliss to note that \m/ denotes the devil's horns. You cannot use it for anything you like.

P.s : Vidyuth, this is for the ones who do it wrong, I'm not captain obvious :)

P.p.s : 300 Woohoo!! \m/, 299. (There was a draft K)

My ten pence

There are only 1411 of my favorite animal left.

Only 1411 pairs of liquid black eyes.

Feb 6, 2010


It was a really jolly good day at the office, wusn't it? I'm so happy that I don't mind using british slang.

Love how things worked out, everything falling into place and all. Minor glitches here and there, which hopefully will be corrected in the future. Anyway I guess we've set something of a standard.

Lots of tagworthy statements and events. :P Which will come out starting tomorrow, I guess.

Brilliant show people, I'm not gonna mention everyone Arun mentioned again. Not at this hour anyway. You know I'm talking about you anyway. :)

My last Open with ASQ. Sigh.

Feb 2, 2010

Fish-hook in the eye.

Well, I strt evry sntnce wid 'well' excpt wen I sy 'Duh', coz den I'd strt wid 'lyk', lyk, 'Lyk Duh?!'

Every time you talk like this, I wish a T-Rex would come back and eat you alive. Or me.