Mar 24, 2009

Sitting in a sofa with three super people, coffee in hand, looking through the window streaked with veins of water at the rain outside, dumb looks and knowing glances, mutually agreeing on what a beautiful day it was, among other things, IS precious.

I've been having a few good days. I'm waiting for the bad ones to show up. Nevertheless, I'm lovin' it!

Mar 23, 2009

A world of difference

It's the little things that matter the most, yes. 

I have wonderful people around me, like VK says.

Mar 16, 2009

I have a cold

Thanks to the heaviest of rains I've got wet in, in  a while.  I was having my coffee, when I sneezed it all over my desk and keyboard.

And then I grinned stupidly. :D And everything smells coffee-ish now.

Heh, I surprise myself!

Mar 9, 2009

Wild. Free. Are what I'd like to be.

Like the wind, blowing around you. Lifting your curls a little, wistfully sighing when you try to hold them together.

Like the rain, falling on your outstretched arms in a thousand tiny embraces, whistling in tune with the wind.

Like a beam of moonshine. Reflecting, like a twinkle, in your eye.

Like a beam of moonshine on a windy, rainy night.

It was probably the music that did this. Some arbit soundtrack which my brother sent me.

Mar 7, 2009

Ecstasy of gold

Update : Video uploaded :)

And check THIS out if you like short stories, from Ganja.

And happy women's day, women :P!

It started with Tyler Durden and "Alea Jacta est" And ended with "Verbal Kent" and "fin".

Oh yea, Kriya Open Quiz '09 went well alright! Awesomely well, save a few glitches here and there.
The ASQ is a wonderful unit to work with. Every one of them whom I worked with. Sunil, shaggy, Sexy boy, Ganja, E.T, Kai pulla, SRK, Quizzerman, Sammy, Legolas, Gobama and the others. It was awesome. Simply awesome.

Ecstasy of gold. Sums up how I feel now.

Satisfacion. What I had after three hours of editing. When Hetfield goes "Heeee-eeeeyy" in the middle or when Hammett goes insane towards the end, Ahhhh!

To Metallica and Quizzing,

Mar 2, 2009

A chance find!

Most of you out there would have read one of those forwards which used to circulate around, which went, "You are an Indian if...blah blah, 37) You reuse wrapping paper. 38)  You have dozens of tiny multicolored boxes in your fridge having food from a few days back.". And then there was russell peters' Red, white and brown in which he bets his ass that Indians are cheap. 

So, yesterday, I try to cook up something for lunch. I decide to go with the cheese toast that I make really awesomely well. But cutting up the chilly seemed a tirespme task back then. To my rescue came a tiny box with a violet lid. I looked in and found a few packets of Oregano Seasoning which my mom had saved from the last time we'd ordered pizza home. 

Voila! Oregano Cheese Toast.

I don't mind being cheap AT ALL, if this is what results. Indians rule!