Jul 25, 2012

To the next two weeks

For I will be swamped with work, and have to take support calls and be homeless (crashing a friend's place). And also a lot of my plans have been thwarted by twists of fate, so here's a 'Fuck you' to the universe.

Jul 20, 2012

Aurora over an Icelandic volcano

Found this piece of gold online. If I ever live to see something like this, I'd forget every care in the world.

Jul 15, 2012

Sounds on a quiet night by the lake

Air conditioner motors and static buzz of electricity.
Trilling bugs and chattering crickets.
Croaking frogs and the scampering raccoons.
And the silence of the glassy water reflecting the starry night sky.

Jul 10, 2012


Here's to those moments when you don't have control over what you feel, as you lay bare and vulnerable to the resounding music pounding on you wave after wave.