May 9, 2013

Throughout Iron man 3 I was thinking to myself - 'Where is this face from..Where is this face from..I've seen her and absolutely loved the movie she was in.." In the end credits, it was revealed her name was rebecca hall. I go home and google her and voila - of course I remembered her! Vicky in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. No wonder. I loved Vicky. Everyone loves Cristina of course, but Vicky..

And of course, Pepper Potts. Gwyneth Paltrow, my first hollywood love. The love sowed in me due to the innumerable times I watched CD1 - 42 mins onwards of 'Shakespeare in love' when I was a 12 year old. I did end up watching the movie in its entirety and did like it, so kudos to my 12 year old self.

The movie season is here!