Apr 15, 2008

What can I say?

A really mind-boggling, extremely intelligent ( really) , and stupefying conversation between two 19 year olds who happen to be my friends.


Stippity stoppity stamp
Crippity crappity crap


shinkity shonkity SHUT


you two are retarded


you are an idiot...we know WHO WE ARE


Whatever, you are retarded

And they actually thought I wouldn't post this!!

Apr 10, 2008

Random rant. Be warned.

This is one of the posts where I don't have anything specific to type but just keep typing with music running in the background.

Study holidays have begun. Yet again i defy the purpose for which they were given. Or atleast till now. I have a week left. Things will change. I know.

I'm playing NFS most wanted for the second time. Awesome game. The surge you get when you press the nitrous boost button and snatch that win from your opponent is simply priceless. I'm getting better and better. One pursuit went so long that the police had to call off the pursuit. I won more than 500000 bounty in that one pursuit !!

Second season of house ends with house being shot. Awesome episode. One of the best episodes.

I have done fairly well this semester and I feel great. Better averages then ever before, though I feel this is not the most I have studied in my college days. Strange. I'm asked to spend lesser time at the computer than I'm doing now which I'm not OK with. Yet. But I will be. Eventually.

So much has changed in this world. There were times when pants were worn at waists rather than butts. I wish I won't be alive to see it go lower. Gone are the times when rock was something grandma did to put me to sleep. Mobile phones are replacing relationships. And people say they need change and all of this is boring. Not me.

I see that there is a portion of the people who hold their own even with stuff happening all around them. They look at them, shake their heads and go about their jobs just like before. Some of them embrace novelty, just because it is the 'in' thing, even if it something they'd rather not do. Some people dwell in the past, seek solace in or brood about things that have been forgetting about the things that are and to be.

Sigh. People.

Apr 2, 2008


15 year old supermodel has something wrong with her. No cancer no usual diseases. House has a hunch that it is post traumatic stress (and with further evidence) and asks Dad whether he did his daughter. The answer to which is yes.

To their surprise they find out that it was the girl who'd done the seducing. Her dad, the photographer before that, and her tutor before that.

They test for cancer but they don't find anything but symptoms showed tumor. What to do?

But wait she hasn't had a single period yet.

Alex is the 15 yr old btw.

**Gist ends here**

House: I’m thinking she’s the ultimate woman. (He stops to speak to a nurse who is on the phone.) I… (He hangs up the phone by pressing the button.) I need to schedule an MRI.


Alex: The twitching stopped.

House: Because we changed your medicine back to the real stuff. Stop talking.

Alex: You gave me fake medicine?

House: That’s what I said; in the vain hope that you wouldn’t feel the need to also say it. Stop talking.

Cameron: Wilson already did an ultrasound, said her ovaries were undersized.

House: The ultrasound would be the way to go if you were looking for ovarian cancer.

Cameron: What are we looking for? (The machine beeps.)

House: That.

Cameron: Oh my God.

House: Looks like a tumor doesn’t it?

Cameron: But those are.

House: Yep.

Alex’s Room

House: We found a tumor.

Dad: She has cancer.

House: Technically, no.

Dad: So its not cancer?

House: No, it’s cancer. But, he has cancer, on his left testicle.

Alex: I don’t have testicles.

Dad: She’s not a guy.

House: His DNA says you’re wrong. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. You’ve got male pseudohermaphroditism. See we all start out as girls and then we’re differentiated based on our genes. The ovaries develop into testes and drop. But in about 1 in 150,000 pregnancies a fetus with an XY chromosome, a boy, develops into something else. Like you. Your testes never descended because you’re immune to testosterone. You’re pure estrogen, which is why you get heightened female characteristics; clear skin, great breasts. The ultimate woman is a man. Nature’s cruel, huh?

Dad: This is obviously a joke, this is impossible.

House: No, a joke would be me calling you a homo. See the difference? I’ll schedule him for surgery.

Alex: (She gets out of bed.) No, you’re wrong. I’m a girl. (She pulls off her gown.) Look at me! How could you say I’m not a girl? See! They’re all looking at me. I’m beautiful!

House: Anger, it’s just the cancer talking. Put your clothes back on. I’m going to cut your balls off. Then you’ll be fine. (She covers up, crying and looks at her dad who turns to look out the window.)

** End**

The ultimate woman is a man.

NOW what?