Dec 29, 2008

Vet-ti poet-ry

Monday came, creeping upon me,
Like a cat after a bird on a tree;
Silently, slowly, smiling sinisterly,
Before the bird could flee.

But then, you turned up, one day,
To the cat's utter dismay.
With a pirouette and a whirl,
My monday morning girl. 

P.s : RomCom, see? :D

Dec 25, 2008

My big fat ethiopian surprise

Funny how one person can do all sorts of things. Day before yesterday was retro day (something me and ET started out of sheer boredom) wherein we revisited them PJs from our school days. Yesterday was christmas which I spent with an ethiopian surprise and a christmas cake shake and three fine people (Karthik, Kaavya and Bhagya). I drove home on an empty road at night, the wind at my face, pretending as though this was an action movie and I hummed "empty walls" to give it the effect it required. :P. I had a disturbed sleep yesterday, waking up at 12, 3 and 5 again just to wake up for the last time at 5:30.I wake up and realise how one person can do THIS and THAT, when I'm looking forward to a morning session in the media lab where we do nothing but play suicide chess the entire three hours. 

My life is panning out to be a drama/RomCom.


Dec 22, 2008

Ryan writes prose - part I

The leaves of autumn fell around him. Slowly. Without rushing. Crunch. Crunch. He walks. He shakes his head and a smile leaks out. He looks up at the leaves falling around him. 

They smile back.

 He walks on. 

Dec 20, 2008

Humpty dumb-ty

We were in class, as usual, just going through the motions in one of those extremely uneventful X classes, where all we are told to do is copy notes. Nothing else. In short, we were doing time. We went through floating cars, suicide methods and finally landed on how dumb these teachers are. 

Hari : These teachers are so dumb. I'll prove it.
Me : How?
Hari : When she calls out my number for attendance, I'm going to yell "prison break" instead of "present ma'am". And she won't notice.
Me : It will probably work. All she expects is a grunt.

(Time passes)
X : Hari babu!
Hari : Prison break!
x : Is hari absent?
Hari : present ma'am.
x : Janani!
Hari : (to me) That didn't work. 

But atleast she's dumb in a different way. She can't acknowledge anything other than present (or) absent.  

Now, let's get out of reality and into the virtual world. I saw this on an orkut profile. "I'm cool I'm smart I'm everything you're not." To begin with, I'm not stupid, I'm not a 56 year old man suffering from syphilis. etc etc. 

And these two are just examples. Many more came from the same moulds. What is with the world nowadays? People are dumb in so many different ways. Everyday the word "dumb" is being redefined. 

The system is dumb too, in my college. There's this guy who gave the entire syllabus as seminar portions to the 68 of us. And all he does is sit in class and watch us give a seminar. And he gets paid for this. 

There are CSE students in my college who tried to install a certain software and succeeded after TWO whole months, and then decided that is not as good as another one, which took only a day to install. TWO whole months for an installation, and they are three years senior to me even.

I have one and a half more years to go. One and a half more years for them to invent newer ways to surprise me. 

Sometimes the only things I feel grateful for are my sanity, and my idle mind. 

Dec 15, 2008

First of all, Happy birthday to the bloodsucking, anime-crazy, vampire who parades in front of us as Suraksha. (I resisted the urge to insert this as a code comment. :D)

If there's one thing I learnt this weekend, it is the fact that a lot of the tamil movies that were made in the past decade were douches. They make movies like these which become hits, due to the support of the numerous fan clubs. I happened to catch a scene of a Vijay movie on TV, (Why God, why?), which is supposed to be a funny scene, and Vijay supposedly acts/talks/laughs to induce humor. Comic relief maybe, but humor? Bleh.

I also happened to catch an ajith movie in which the spark gunshots were made to look like flower-pots on a dark night of diwali. Pathetic. And when ten to twenty top forces of the army shoot at ajith in the forest he just flies, does a lot of spins and flips in the air, kicks four ppl in mid-flight, and lands on his toes protecting the damsel in distress, vasundhara das, (Yea the movie is citizen which is said to be a good one. I haven't watched it fully) who caused distress to me, and was never a damsel to begin with. 

You may ask, "Who are you to comment on them?". True, I may/may not know as much as they do, and I don't act/direct but I never went on screen did I? All I'm asking is, if you're a professional, it is time you showed it on screen.

When films like tirupachi, kuruvi feature on the highest grossers of the year list, imagine where the cinema industry/people are heading. 

Dec 11, 2008

25 mexican white devils!

25 years of this and that, arguments, fights, worries, happiness, "uppu kammi".
25 years of being dad and mom.
Happy 25th anniversary ma and pa. :) Love you both!

And happy birthday Niveditha. :). 20 years of whatever you did ;). Love you too, girl.

The white devil, Enchiladas, Garlic bread with cheese, Mushroom ravioli, Pasta with peppers and cheese, Mud souffle and a piece of a sizzling brownie as well. I ate till i was so full that someoe could have eaten off my food pipe if i opened my mouth.

Kill me today and I'd die happy. Touch wood. :)

And oh I'm now a proud owner of a new fastrack watch which I got without even asking. Bless anniversaries. :P

There you go, 200th post. Nothing like mud souffle to sign it off with. :)

Dec 9, 2008

She thought I'd forget her birthday, because "boys generally don't remember them". :)

Happy birthday Sharanya!

P.s : Coincidentally this is Idle mind's 199th as well. Whattay! (courtesy Suraksha. :D ) On a different note, I brandished a knife in a "javuli" shop and almost stabbed someone with hundred people watching. Something I can tick off my list. :).  Also, we audaciously held up a "take diversion" sign at gandhipuram terminus. She painted it, with curious gossip-mamis peeping in.

Dec 6, 2008

Lend me your ears!

A lot can happen over coffee.
A lot can happen over molaga bajji as well. 
It is just that more people know about coffee than molaga bajji.

A though in my head amidst sharpeners, curd and brutal murder of the english language.

Dec 5, 2008

A single slip could have been their last. But they rode on.
Every careless turn could have been disastrous. But they rode on.
They could have stopped and gone back. But they went on.
And made memories for later.

Dec 1, 2008

A penny for my thoughts?

  • This semester couldn't suck more, unless, it has more plans for me. 
  • I love the japanese language! (Naruto is awesome!)
  • Burger night at home. :P (I made it, mind you.)

Thought for the day : Weight gained is fuckin' hard to shed.

Song in my head : En Iniya Pon nilave.