Aug 17, 2006


Hmm..Im one of those people who believe that timetravel is not possible in the near future....but when i sit back and think many of us are doing it everyday...It all started blah blah.....I was online chatting with my brother who was in the US of was morning 10 o clock 17 aug over there.....My time was 8 PM 17 we were just chi chatting about the usual stuff...whgen suddenly his friend from the outback came online....the aussie time was 12 30 am 18th of aug...again i started talkin normally....then suddenly it hit me....i was talkin to one in the past and another in the i sed this to my friend in australia...he was off the rocker....
dude we'll do a new kick ass sci fi movie!!!......That was dumbfounding...Hats off to voice chat!!

Aug 15, 2006

movie time!!!

Independence day calls for a few movies....And thats what i did...First on the menu...Cars....pixar that was awesome....Float like a cadillac sting like a beamer....mater is cool man.
...a laugh riot totally...the five of us--->varun, et, arvind. bharat, and me had was
Road to perdition
...Tom hanks, my man...the gr8est actor ever....another typical hanks movie.....macho as they say
Tis fuckin hysterical!
..The emotional ride on the road to perdition....the movie ends thus.. If anybody asks me if my dad michael sullivan is a good man or if there is no good left in, all i say is.........he was my father...worth watchin ppl
kudos to hanks!!

Proud to be Indian

Thats what my shirt today sez!!.59 years of independence and every year i cannot help but feel proud of India. Motherland after all!!! Rock on India!!

Boomerang Fiasco!!

It was the day past rakhi. Me and a friend had asked our friend Codename: Shorty for a rakhi. She could not find any. So it was agreed that she give me and my friends a treat at boomerang along with her friend. Incidentally that day we were supposed to meet up with seniors for some ragging!! Known for his snide comments at such situations ET said "De super da...senior kitta maatta porom...aprom singhi thaan....anna ungala vida ice cream thaan na better nu sonnaa underwear treatment thaan(thats another story!!!)"....We had our fingers crossed. It was almost disastrous. On our way there we met a classmate(a very eagle eyed one) . But we shook him off. In the end it all turned out well. A mint shake down my throat. And for free. Man i love treats.
Auf wiedersehen!!

Day light robbery!!!!

I will never forget this day. Late thursday evening, me and et went to the book store and got our stuff. Friday was engineering graphics period. We brought our drafter kits. Then it was announced that the first hour would be theory and the next will be practicals and the third again theory. So we both decided to keep our kits in our places and go to the lab and then come back for them next hour coz they were a burden to carry around.
Bad decision
..Now you see it now u dont...Our drafters were missing. ET shouted
"de evano drafter a aattaiya pottaan da.
..Nevertheless we saw the funnny side of the situation. Later we had to borrow our pals drafters. Day light robbery at its best. If i get hold of them thieves....naaaaaaah forget it I wont.:(

advanced maths!!

Comin to mathematics. Our teacher was takin linear mathematics. He mis-understood our silence for ignorance and proceeded to illustrate wwith an example which thus leads us to this excerpt.
"Say let us take three fruits. We can then find out how many of each we have if we know the cost of each and the total cost."
"let us take Apple....(he writes it on the board)...Mango(again)...then the third mind suddenly goes blank...then
"Ok so all of you got the meaning right??..lets move on and he erases the board"...that was hilarious....Such advanced maths shud not be included in our

college antics!!

First day at coll...i stepped inside wonderin which way to i just followed the crowd to the class. Luckily the last few benches were vacant. I took my seat with the only guy i knew then--->et a.k.a shri hari..the story of how he is called et is a big one which i will explain with every minute detail later on. We just started talking with a few guys when the teacher came in. It started then. And eneded two days later. Guess what??...Introduction!!! Two days of intros. man!! But the funniest thing is nobody remembered what the others said!!:D.