Feb 25, 2007

To Dream Or Not To Dream

A little something which started as a pastime endeavour to save myself from getting bored after having been made to stand alone on account of talkativeness int he physics lab, this developed into a 100 liner! A prepped up version of a small dream I had , this poem, I lost once and then had to re-create it. Here goes....


A comfy breeze lifted up the leaves,
Played around and rustled the trees;
Came I walking my dog at my heels,
Coasting along as I please.

" The sun’s about to cast its glow"
I said to my dog shadow
As we walked over ridge and furrow
Caused by the wind on the lush meadow

Lo! The land rose suddenly uphill
We tried to climb over the hill
Though it was a morning chill
We set upon it with grit and will

Just when I thought I should turn back
Coz, the long walk hurt my back
I saw someone on the beaten track
Whose very sight made me slack!

Yes!It was a pretty girl
Her hair having many a curl
A cascade atop her head flowed
And on her face a radiance showed

And that was not all because
There was a golden retriever shiny as gloss
I couldn’t believe my eyes
What a coincidence what a surprise

She came closer, I said Hi
She returned it not too shy
We talked for hours it seemed like minutes
Before I realized I was late by 10 minutes

I said a hurried bye while
She gave me a friendly smile
Pulling the two dogs apart
I turned around and began to depart

Next day to my college I went
Against the fierce wind doubly bent
In front of me an umbrella flew
The owner of which was a person I knew

I couldn’t believe my eyes
What a coincidence what a surprise
It was the girl I’d met at the meadow
In a dress as white as snow

She studied at the same place as me
The knowledge of which gave me a weak knee
I was late for class so I had to hurry up
The departing smile knocked me up!!!

Days rolled on as they always do
How we got closer I don’t have a clue
Destiny made me walk that day
Destiny made me walk that way

On a starlit night we went out
The candles were almost burned out
Our eyes met and I saw glee
So my eyes said “ will you marry me?”

2 years later we walk to the park
Listening to our dogs bark
We walk by the meadow whence we met
That day in my life I’ll never regret

I sat down and rested on a boulder
She placed her head on my shoulder
I took her hand in mine
No words were needed at that time

Leaves fell all down all around us
Autumn creating its usual fuss
It was beautiful, the two of us alone
Our dogs looking for a bone

Life is beautiful, life is a dream
Shining on us like a golden beam
Sometimes life’s not what it seems
Flowing like a silent stream.

I kept looking at her resting on me
Any better, this just couldn’t be
I never minded it getting colder,
As long as she was there by my shoulder

Just when I was about to wake her up,
My entire world changed downside up,
I found my mom waking me up,
In her hand was a coffee cup!

I pinched myself wishing this was a dream
No the pain caused a tear stream
I was in a dream a beautiful one too
Alas it was too good to be true

Fleeting memories pass me by
Of the dream that was and gone by
Did I just visit paradise?
Or is it some trick of the eyes??

When I thought I had it all
I was in for a big fall
A perfect dream it had been
If it comes true it remains to be seen!

As I walk down the street
Trudging on my shoe clad feet
I can’t help but hope anew
“Some dreams do come true…”

Some questions are better left alone
Just like a precious oak cone
But it still remains to be seen
To dream or not to dream??”

- Sharanyan (Written before I became Ryan.A.Nash)

P.S : I still don't know who the girl was!! :( :P

Feb 23, 2007

Now its 50 instead of 10... :|

Do you remember one of those days when someone just tags you and you look at it and it is a BIG one with some fifty questions in it? No? Yea obviously because it does not exactly happen on "one of those days".

Totally jobless + no other job +Music ===> Tag time!

1. Were u named after anyone?

First of all let me get my name straight. It is Sharanyan. Take a close look at it! Well, it is rumored to be one of the many names of God Vishnu. Well now its mine!!

2.Do u wish on stars?

3.when did u last cry?
Me no cry for a long time. Me happy! Last time I cried was for "Finding Neverland"..neat movie.

4.Do u like ur handwriting?
Course I do. The part I like about it the most is that it keeps changing.

5.what is ur favourite meat?
No meat is my favourite meat!

6.what is the most embarrassing CD on ur shelf?
Right now it is a copy of windows 95!!!!

7. if u were another person, would U be friends with u?
Hmm tough question!! Depends!!! Lol

8. are u a daredevil?
Not much. I can be if I want to. Imaginatively speaking my dares have no bounds.

9.how do u release anger?
One word....Music

10. where is ur second home?
College...I spend most of my time there...

11. Do u trust others easily?
I guess trust is something which depends on the person and how they are. So generally speaking this cannot be answered.

12. what was ur favourite toy as a child?
I don't exactly remember playing with any toys but in a particular photo I have a stuffed contorted something in my hand (refer pic). But then I grew up and started playing with cars, tazos, magnets(of all things), and whatever I get my hands on...But after a while I was considered too " Grown up" and sadly so I had to turn them in to my cousin..

13. wat class in college do u think is useless?

14.do u use sarcasm a lot?
Yep!!! I am proud of it!!! Chandler and Garfield--> My role models. Check out Garfield at the bottom of this page !!!

15. have u ever been in a mosh pit?
Nope,..But I would not mind....Iron maiden performing . I'd like to attend so someone kindly donate a meagre 900 bucks please!!!

16.wat do u look for in a gal/guy?
Should be frank, trustworthy... and no backstabbing or peela uttufying!!!

17. would u bungee jump?
I so wanna!!! Next time I see a bungee cord I'm going to.

18. do u untie ur shoes when u take them off?
Depends on my mood....mostly they just fly across the room...

19.whats ur fav ice cream?
Mint, chocoalte fudge with lichees on it!!!

20. ur fav colours?
Red, blue, black, white, parrot green, orange!!

21.what are ur least fav. things?
Crow shit..U Should know better by now.. :|

22. how many ppl do u have a crush on right now?
What kind of a question is this?? Census or something???
Then this will result....Next year history book--->" In India 37 percent of people of the age 18-21 have crushes on atleast 3 people!!!"

23.who do u miss the most right now?
Broter in the U.S. (sob :D)

24.what are u listening to right now?
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

25.if u were a crayon, wat colour would u be?

26. what is the weather like right now?
Night time! Dark and calm.

27.last person u talked to on the phone?
The baby of our class..Niveditha..

28. the first thing u notice about the opposite sex?
That they are no different from the same sex as far as company is concerned!!

29. do u like the person who sent u this?
I may not like her for doing this to me but I sure like the person a lot!!!

30. how are u today?
The same...Music on..I'm blogging and I'm playing a game with Nithya...I'm GREAT!!!

31. favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Coffee, Lemon with honey, Buttermilk and water.

32. favourite alcoholic drink?
I'd answer this a few years later I guess!!!

33. natural hair colour?

34. eye colour
Brown or hazel!!

35. wear contacts?
Naah but gonna!!

One big bro! Cool fellow!

37. favourite month?
Any month of spring or autumn. Like april or october or september...

38.favourite food?
Anything tasty and fit to be eaten.

39. favourite day of the year?
Every day man every day.

40. have u ever been too shy to ask someone out?
Not yet happened!!

41.scary movies or happy endings?
Sensible movies with whatever ending!

42. summer or winter?
A bit of both!

43. holi or diwali?
Neither! For me it is New years eve

44. do u like ur name?
Very much!!!I've not seen another sharanyan yet!!!

45. what book/magazine are u reading?
Garfield comics! Simply superb.

46. what's on ur mouse pad?
my mouse???

47. what did u watch on tv last night?
I din't see TV. I just saw Finding Forrester on my computer.

48. favourite smell?
The smell of fresh Earth after rain.

49. have u ever regretted breaking up with someone?
Nope. Don't want it to occur!!

50. most tiresome thing u've experienced/done?
Many.. to state a few..the machine 29 at the gym, typing this tag, doing filing at the fitting workshop!

Phew!! At last!!! I'm off!! Tadah!!

Feb 21, 2007

Oh My God...

Ten things about my college which make me say the above title in disgust.....(Yuo should have guessed that this is a tag just by seeing " Ten things...". Yes it is a tag by Uttara, who finds college a pain in the neck.)

* The College bus : Only three to four buses which look as though they are from the 60s. And they charge 500 Rs. a month for a rickety ride in those vehicles that too only for one way transit.

* The Fat tall watchman

*The Fat short watchman

* The other watchmen : The above two points are also explained here. In what kind of college do you see even principals wearing ID cards but not the watchmen?. Yes you guessed right. These bozos virtually run the college. It is a sad state to see even the principal wearing an ID. These watchmen asses don't even let you go if you keep the ID card in your pocket. It so HAS to dangle out of your pocket in front of you. One day will surely dawn when I or someone else would slap one right across the face and flash him the ID card saying " You can't do anything!!! I got an ID"

*Canteen : I do love the canteen but there are things I hate about it too! Firstly there are no chocolates. Then there is very little choice. Same dishes daily. Otherwise it rocks!

*Sottai people : There are a few veteran teachers at my college who can't stand a few normal things we do. One such guy just rebukes a guy just if he talks to a girl near the canteen or somewhere. That is the basic law of creationism man! A boy talking to a girl! The guy is violating that. Whatever trauma occurred in his childhood!!!??

*No leave during bandhs : :P

*I hate khaki uniform

*Hostel rules : Dayscholars are not allowed to stay at the hostel overnight nowadays. Why us?? Just when we come this happens. But rules are meant to be broken eh? Already broken!!!

*College gym : A number of various paraphernalia strewn all around a small dingy room is what we call gym at our college. No maintenance at all. Rusty broken equipment. At least the space could be transformed into an indoor basketball court. Wow look a what that would mean. Wooden flooring man. The squeaky noises when shoe slides on the floor and then the swoosh of the ball going in the basket. Music to the ears!

Well I don't exactly hate these (except the sottai..whom I loathe by the way)...I just find these a bit irritating. But well ...I've learnt to live with them. After all it is going to be my home for the greater part of the next three and a half years. Actually I spend more of my awake time at college than at home. Now that's something!!


Me..My life..Or that's what it says...........

Trust Nithya to find such sites. I liked this though....

Feb 16, 2007

It Came From Heaven...........

It Came From Heaven
-Inspired by a true life incident!!

From the skies, wide and blue,
Without warning, without clue,
Stretched above the seas seven,
It came from heaven.......

A message from the one above,
A gift to be delivered by dove?
But it came at the hour eleven,
It came from heaven.

When I least expected it to occur,
It flashed past as a blur,
Nothing rhymes with heaven now,
So I say it came from above...

A blur in the otherwise slow haze,
It found me within this maze,
And went away leaving me in a daze,
What is this? Divine craze???

It found me once, it found me twice,
"Twice blessed", shakespeare writes!!
To be blessed it would feel nice,
But never trust the one that flies....

Homing in on to the spot,
It locked in, x marks the spot,
It let loose a nasty shot,
The rest is silence and then SPLOT!

On my head of all in the crowd,
Doing a fighter plane proud,
It hit the exact centre,
And made me the lamenter.

Looking up at the skies,
I saw them black spies,
My head became their toilet,
As accurate as a bullet!

Thank God cows don't fly,
And I hope they don't try;
I looked up at the raven,
My messiah from heaven??

Whenever.... wherever...
You see a black feather,
Beware...my dear brethren,
It did come from heaven...


Feb 8, 2007

Fame??? yea gimme a kilo of it!!!

Nowadays the fame word has lost its meaning. A few years back one would see fame as a tough to attain commodity, something which one and others can feel proud of. Well, twist it around by 180 degrees and that is how fame is now. Nowadays do something bad or commit a crime or marry and divorce within a day and there you go- Instant fame!

Oops I married again :Look at britney spears. She has the record for the shortest marriage. Not even 24 hours. Poor guy did not even have time to get famous! It is estimated that in the course of her life she would marry at least 23 times more and will be pregnant with her child with that husband while fed-ex would still do the same old job. Yes she was a talented singer . Or rather is. But is money and fame everything?
Shortcut to Fame : Instant divorces, bits of clothing.

Shilpa shetty and(or) Jade goody. Hmm this is a topic which has been churned again and again till the milk became curd. Their shortcut to fame? Racism! Make a racist remark and there you go. You're famous. One is made popular and the othe is made the face of tourism for crying out loud. I agree Shilpa Shetty was famous before. But she gets an award just because she withstood racist remarks? Come on even I could do that. All of a sudden she becomes a hero! Today in the paper I saw her photo, her in London, showing the victory sign and smiling broadly. Makes my skin crawl!

Shortcut to Fame : (i)Object of racist remarks and cried because of that,
: (ii)Made the racist remark.

Lalloo Ji : Being a chief minister in India is one of the most easiest(!) ways to fame. Be the chief minister, keep names like rasagulla, jilebi for you daughters, have a round white head, go to jail, spit red goo, and int he end you'll be famous and people from harvard(rite?) will invite you to give them a lecture! That is like this crow which shat on me today. Of all the people in my group sitting and having lunch this crow shits on me for the second time. Illogical comparison? Well Lalloo's ways are too!!

Shortcut to fame : capemaarithanam!

Other ways to fame:

* Do a nosejob and make it fall off while dancing.
*Dangle a child out of the window.
*Have an affair with some famous guy/girl!
*Blast any tower!
*Become the president of the USA and do this!-->Click here

Well there you go. You've got a lot of choices there. Fame is just a foot away! Notoriety yeah, but fame! The more I see these people the more I feel like smirking or crushing the mosquito I just caught right now. After all fame isn't everything right? Fame along with ridicule is!!!!

Sharan's scale : Whale poop>>>>>>>>> the above mentioned people.
Now let me hear your say!!

Feb 6, 2007

please do this


please light a candle...please visit this link....
It won't take much time
and it won't cost a dime....
:D That rhymed!!!

Feb 5, 2007


Please go on if you have atleast 5 minutes of time to waste and you don't have any specific method in mind of wasting it. I'll try to keep it short.......

Two days without lunch or dinner, one and a half hours sleep a day for two days, hectic planning, no bath :P, and a humungous amount of fun is what chillout 2007 ended up offering. For those who do not know, here goes. Chillout, the only first years only cultural fest at PSG college of Technology, took place on the 28th of January 2007. Department pride was at stake, this being an inter department event. People were exuberant. The two main events were chart fest and the adzap. The department which wins those two will naturally have an edge over the others.

The Preparations:

*Almost all dayskis stayed over at the hostel for Chillout. The watchman was flummoxed everytime he checked the rooms as we went from room to room till he slept. Then preparations commenced. The chart was finally ready at night just 7 hours before the event.Kudos to manjunath and team for that . they worked for three days straight. Adzap was even more hysterical. The recorded dialogues got ready just 2 hours before the event. The maximum anyone slept that night was 3 hours.Naveen the director did not even sleep. Honored! The day dawned.


One could sense the excitement in the air. It started out with the almighty clash between the mechs and the CSE people for the seats. In the end we stole in through a side entry and with the triumphant warcry sort of sound we pumped our fists. Our first victory. Everybody assembled. Ours was the department which cheered the most, that I can be sure of.

The batch name:

Our 4th years : CALITZ
Our third years: DEXTROBLITZ
Our second years:ESPRITZ
Our batch:F5ERZ

The F5erz was the name we decided upon after much deliberation. As a matter of fact it is the only name which starts wth an F and ends in Z which sounded great.

The results:

Chart fest: No prize. We were hard done by.
Quiz: Second (Me and shri Hari) And third (Arnav and Sathya)
Dumb charades: First (Pinal, Nisha and Aishwarya)
Pot pourri: Third ( Me Shri Hari and Sanutha)
VJ hunt: Second(Niveditha and Chandni) and Third ( Alagu maams and Jude machi)
Jam: Vignesha(Finalist)
Adzap: Great story, presumably the best but the worst execution.

Voila! We ended up getting overall second with 200 points. Sandwich came first. We were really down at the end of adzap and when we came second the din was just too much. My vocal chords have never worked so much in my entire life. A moment to savour. Hi5s galore, hugs, yells, team song rendered in many ways, different faces of ecstacy at night 8 o clock was more than I had asked for. Somehow something makes me feel that had we won adzap and come first, the joy would not have been at this level because to be down and then to bounce up comes with sweetness unparalled. What counted was we worked as a team, be it a hosteler and dayscholar or a boy and girl or tamilian or non tamilian or blah blah. We kicked some serious ass that day.

This year marked many firsts....

* first time sandwich got the event. Cheers to them.
*First time a team came second without hitting anything in the major events. That is us btw :P
*First time computer science boys and girll participated together on stage. Our seniors did not do that. F5ERZ united!!!
*And this may not be a first. There was not a single event without a F5ER in the final. Tadah!

The event which brought about unity in a class which till then had some differences. We treated ourselves at Peoples park- the entire class.

People always said college brings a whole new view of life. People always say how they miss school life. All the fun and stuff. Well school was fun-helluva lot of fun. That was fun being kids. Now this is fun-the post teenage kind of way. there are a lot of differences between the two but whatever said the fun still remains and the studies too! College treats us more as adults yet there are still some folks at college worse than at school. I don't want to say anymore.

Following are a few snapshots, the times gone by ensnared through a carl zeiss lens......

Innovative photoshoot!

Me in the middle...look sleepy nah??

The rush for the prime seats...we won!!!

The hand of ....not GOD....some guy in our class

Our logo.....Creativity unleashed

The guys....part I..(at ppls park) ....er 90 degrees to the right rotate please...

Director, supervisor and one of the orchestrators....

Our girls..or rather the girls of CSE...one guy misinterpreted "our girls"...lol

The quintessential pyramid...


The guys part II
The guys part III

Part IV

Chart in the making....

Alagu the LEAN mean VJ

My mobile...Photographic skills eh??

The wicked brownie...thanks to a birthday treat

The guys - final part

And finally....my photoshop skills....Can't i show off even a bit??? of course i can..... :D

Well there you have it. I'm pleased. It would take a full ten minutes I guess. Time succesfully spent. LOL. Rave remarks, sarcastic comments or jolly quips be what may...keep em coming!


Feb 3, 2007

Style redefined!

Before I begin: My good friend ashish's dad just passed away due to liver malfunction. I just attended his memorial, the first memorial I ever attended. They all seemed to take it OK. Strong people! May his soul Rest In peace.

I'm not going to ask you another"guess who tagged me?" questions, because the answer always seems to be Nithya! Well this is a tag which I like I should say!So here we go ten things that define my style!

1. If you think you'd find designer labels or hair gels and headbands here you are a million miles from knowing me. Casual clothes define my style(if you can call it that!). A 3/4th at home and antifit jean outside is what I mostly wear.

2.Unruly hair. Whenever anybody asks me "What kinda hairstyle you having da??" All i reply is" I got only hair no style!!" But I guess this is a style on its own. Somewhere in the future someone might ask for a sharan-style hairdo!

3.The Sphere: The sphere, as many call it, has nothing to do with Michael Crichton's novel. The sphere refers to my head. God drew it with a compass they say. Who knows otherwise!But I guess people with spherical heads are rare to find! It is a part of me without which "my style" decreases by a great measure.

4. Muzik: Ah, music. Nothing beats listening to music in the following occasions:
# walking
#bus travel
#sleepy times
#coffee break
#ETC eTC.....
As you can see there is no such time as a wrong time for music! As shrey says even if the music does not actually play, my brains's playlist is always loaded. Make it a point to listen to "chasing cars: by snow patrol everyone. Very relaxing song!

5. My Blog: Do I need to say more?

6. My pokemon tazo collection: It still lies there in a corner of my rack. Though it doesn't increase in magnitude, I can't even think of throwing it away.

7. My rare collection of artefacts: The entire calvin and hobbes comic set, Garfield comic set, Harry potter book set and in-the-near-future-my LOTR book all form an integral part of my life. All of these books rock!!

8.The innocent face: Everyone tells me I have an innocent face. Lol! This gets me out of trouble they say. They callme the diablo because of that. Inborn talent I should say!

9.My glasses: Recently I got a pair of photogrey shades. Nice pair. They look like coolers when I go out in the sun. Part of my style funda for another six months.

10.My name: Last but not the least(cliche) this is something I'm proud of. Not many people seem to get it right the first time. So Sharan is the easiest way they find to call me. The rearranged name is also something I like to tell out about. :D

Sharanyan <---->Ryan.A.Nash<------> Aryan Nash

So that is my Istylu.If you noticed anything else other than this please do comment about it.
And for the first time in history I tag some people-->Annette, Athos, Priya and venki. For all those who don't know what a tag is- You just have to do what the tagger did . i.e . in this case you have to post your style fundae!. Please take this up ppl!!