Mar 31, 2010

Because it's fun

That's what she told me when I argued with her, what the difference was between watching the first IPL match live or any IPL match live. And she was right.

Yelling C..S..K. C...S...K, with Raina facing Vinay and CSK needing 10 off 7, (now you bear in mind, CSK had the talent to lose when they needed 1 to win from 2 balls) and watching Raina hit that six over cover, was...magical.

Dancing lame-ass steps to kuthu songs in the pavilion terrace, and loving it, was awesome too.

Manpreet butterfingers Gony cracks me up. :D

I've always wanted to see the stumps being castled by a fast bowler. Pity it was Albie. Pity it wasn't Steyn who bowled.

I've always been a fan of KP, but now, I'm officially one.

And, oh, my first mexican wave was fun too!

As I say, O**a whistla podra! We're back! (for now :P)

Mar 30, 2010

Manufacturing defect.

me: hmm, like how you can never be completely angry at a oretty girl.  
Hari: heh :) that is so true isn't it. u can never be totally angry at em.


Nights seem like days,
Days seem like nights.
When I lie down,
I see lights.

Food bores me,
Like it's never done before.
A day goes by, in a haze,
and then, one more.

She makes me sweat,
She makes my lips go dry.
Am I in love?
No. I'm in frickin Chennai.

Mar 29, 2010

Hey, you.

We've come a long way, haven't we?

Mar 27, 2010

Cheque please!

So we look for a new place to eat because when 'the mess down the street' becomes 'the same old', that's what you do, normally. We scout a few streets and after skipping two really good places because they serve only veg (My friend WON'T go to pure vegetarian restaurants. Even if he eats veggies at a Multi-cuisiner, I guess it helps him to know there's meat around.) We settle for 'Cascade', a multi-cuisine restaurant on the 4th floor of a building in Besant Nagar near the beach. We ran into a couple of Americans as we exited the lift, and they exited the restaurant. Ominous sign, that was. But we decided not to go back, because,well, we looked through the door and all, and a waiter saw us.

The place was brilliant. Good music, nice ambience, IPL match running on mute if you're one of those who don't have time for the ODIs and tests, good food and good service too. Great place to ask a friend for a treat. The first thing the waiter asked me was if we wanted mountain water which cost Rs.60 per bottle, and was on display on the table. I wanted to laugh at the waiter, but instead settled for a "No we're ok with ordinary water." Ordinary meant Mineral water over there. We looked at each other before opening the menu. Our guesses were right. there was not a single thing to eat at under 100 bucks. Heck, I even saw a soup worth 500 bucks, which you can cook yourself, on your own table. Now why would I do that?

We made peace with the menu, and decided to dine like kings, even if it meant the same-old for the next few days. We made helluva lot of peace unfortunately and ended up ordering desserts as well. You know how sometimes, you look at a menu, and it feels as though something has been named so just for you? That's how I felt when I found "Old pal" on the menu. Curious, I looked at the description. Old pal, indeed. It was 'three scoops of ice-cream with banana slices and chocolate sauce and nuts.'. I last had one of that description when I was 10, in madurai, when my dad used to order that every time I asked for it, and I used to have a hard time finishing it every time he ordered it. 11 years later, I ignored the fried ice cream and the brownie and called for my old pal.

So what if it ended up costing 750 bucks for two? I was happy. Food makes me happy. :) And I got to  meet an old pal as well.

Quick fact: I always ask for a finger bowl :P. Nothing beats having the scent of lemon on your hands after having a full course.

Mar 26, 2010

Tiger's a Cheetah!

As much as I admire his skill, I couldn't pass these up!

John Daly used a 20-year-old wedge at the Sony Open. --- It's nice to hear Tiger Woods isn't the only one using 20-year-olds.

Elin Woods was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. In a rage she called Tiger at the golf course. "You b*stard! You b*stard!" Elin screamed. "You got me pregnant." Tiger replied, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Who is this?"

There's a new Tiger Woods Computer on the market. It has a six inch hard drive and no memory.

According to reports, Tiger Woods has hired former President Bush's advisor Ari Fleischer to help him repair his image. Said Fleischer, “Compared to my last job, this will be easy. Tiger only f**ked a few waitresses, not the entire country.”

What's the difference between a Cadillac Escalade and a computer hard drive?-------- Tiger woods can back up a computer hard drive.

What does Tiger Woods have in common with baby seals?--- They both got clubbed by Scandinavians.

In a recent survey 1000 women were asked: "Would you sleep with Tiger Woods if you had a chance?" ------------------ Seventy Five percent said, "Never again."

Ping just offered Elin Woods an endorsement contract pushing her own set of drivers. They are said to be named Elin Woods…”clubs you can beat Tiger with.”
Gatorade has said that their decision to stop production of a Tiger Woods brand of Gatorade is unconnected to Tiger’s recent behavior. Although, it probably didn’t help that the slogan was: Is it in you?

What's the difference btween santa and tiger? Santa stops after 3 ho's.

The teacher asks “Who is the President of the United States?” Right before the boy answers another girl jumps up & yells “Barrack Obama.” “Very good, you may go out to recess.” The same thing happens 3 more times. The boy is aggravated & says to himself “Stupid b*tches couldn't keep their mouths shut! ” The teacher quickly turns around and asks “Who said that?” Another boy looks around jumps up & says “Tiger woods."

New Nike “TW” hat- $25..... New Nike Golf Shoes- $125..... New Cadillac Escalade- $60,000 .....New Nike Iron, wrapped around your head by jealous wife- PRICELESS ! !

(Courtesy a group on FB called "Introducing the "Tiger Woods Diet"Cheat all you want and lose everything!")Btw, I'm not exactly mortified by his overuse of his club. He IS human; one with poor control, however.

Mar 19, 2010

My bad.

People Who Have To Nail The Culprit : If only we could prove it...Let's set a death sentence on him.
Headley: Ok, my bad.
PWHTNTC: Hey thanks, for pleading guilty! You saved our face. In return., we're not gonna kill you. OR send you to a country where they'd want to kill you.
Headley: w00t!
David Headley pleads guilty to terror charges, escapes death rap.
Headley, 49, who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's joint terrorism task force on October 3 last year, told US district judge Harry Leinenweber that he wanted to change his plea to guilty, in an apparent bid to get a lighter sentence than the maximum death penalty.

Mar 15, 2010

Some movies can/should NOT be remade.


                     is now                    

                          is now

I'll be honest. I downloaded the uncut version of Malena for Monica Bellucci. I'm glad I did, because it was one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen.

Namitha plays Monia Bellucci's role, in "Azhagana ponnuthaan".

I have a sinking feeling about this.

Mar 13, 2010

Die, MF, die.

Navjot singh sidhu seems to talk a lot, but everytime he opens his mouth, all I can hear is a sinister voice which says "Die, MF, Die. Die listening to me."

Mar 8, 2010


Last thursday, on the day my cousin got married, I had too many cups, tumblers rather, of coffee and I was sick of it. I actually thought that would be my last coffee in a long time to come. Friday, saturday and sunday went and still I hadn't had a cup of hot coffee. What's better was, I didn't feel like it even.

Today, I walked up to the red Fresh & Honest machine which stood at the corner flanked by its many paper cups, waited for the decoction and milk to mix and foam to the right amount, added the usual one and a half sugars, stirred it and took a sip.

I must have been crazy, last thursday, to have thought that.

Mar 1, 2010

The bus stops at a random petrol bunk at 1 AM in the morning and the boy yells "Idhaan last stop, toilet pordhu tea kudikkardhu ellaam mudichikonga"

Hungry and tired, as I open my box of cut fruits, I realize how awesome and thoughtful my mom and dad are/have always been.