Oct 8, 2014

Out of the frying pan..

..and into the fire. - goes the idiom. That's also the route our slider took the other night. 5 of us huddled around a burning fire in the cold, dark, damp night somewhere in the adirondacks. One was prodding the fire, one the food, one was warming his butt, one sipping beer and one just generally staring into the fire. Every step away made you feel colder. There's something really comforting about standing around a fire you make, when it's close to zero outside, with nothing else going on. It wasn't like we didn't have a trouble in the world, it was just that all those could wait. The fire had that effect on you.

My house will someday have a fireplace.


Anonymous said...

aapka jalwa haye allah

bhavini said...

It gets chilly here in my room in Bangalore. Your post was nice and toasty.