Feb 6, 2015

guess now's as good a time as any...

i've been hooked to a lot of house lately. this one here's nice and chill and makes me wanna dance. yes, I like to dance now. what do you know?

i fucking love this city. living in this city. being at the "center of the universe" (as my colleague called it in typical tv american fashion with little concern for geography let alone astronomical accuracy). seeing things like fashion change with seasons right before your eyes. i wanna have fun until i grow tired of it. when i told my boss back in ann arbor that i wanted to make the move to new york, he leaned back, put his hands together under his chin and gave a knowing smile. 

"i lived in new york when i was younger. around your age. i loved it. i'm sure you will. i will never tell anyone not to go to new york" 

- or something like that. well, there he was, back in good old ann arbor for the last 25 or so years. got that small town fever.

i love the rituals of my life in a small college town. as one of my friends from ann arbor says, every time we get drunk, in his fake sports announcer voice -

"good times, nothing but the best"

it's winter again and my window's open. i lay in bed listening to the sound of steam hissing angrily, like a cat scorned, through the valves of the steam radiator in my room. sounds familiar doesn't it?

i couldn't string a few sentences together without conti-fuckin-nuity. but then i guess i never did.

p.s: not even a title?


Rorschach said...

This city is an animal, fierce and complicated. To understand it I read it's droppings, it's scents, the movement of it's parasites...I sat watching the trashcan and New York opened it's heart to me.

Anonymous said...


(and i have never even BEEN, fucking BEEN?)